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Authentic Star: Gabriel Mallet Surprises in Intimate Performance and Shares his Artistic Rebirth in São Paulo

Gabriel Mallet
Photo Credited to: Gabriel Mallet

In Switzerland, Gabriel Mallet shares details of the Astro performance.

Influencer and artist Gabriel Mallet surprised his followers by performing an unusual artistic act in São Paulo on December 22, 2023, coinciding with his 23rd birthday. Using a scalpel, he drew a star on his chest during the performance titled “Astro,” marking not only an artistic expression but also a personal rebirth.

During his stay in Switzerland with his husband, Flávio Chevis, Mallet granted an exclusive interview, sharing insights into the reasons behind the bold performance.

“I got the depth of the cut right; I managed to create the desired mark. Of course, it hurt, but over time, I believe adrenaline took over and eased the sensation. It’s still stinging a bit, but I understand that it was all crucial. I’m satisfied with the decision, both for what it represents to me and for the impact it had on others,” Mallet revealed.

The performance not only challenged the expectations of his followers but also prompted deep reflection on authenticity and self-expression. Mallet shared his emotions during the process, emphasizing the importance of the audience’s reactions.

“People’s reactions were intriguing. After all, it’s something that no one really expected from me, right? However, I realized that people understood the message behind the performance. And that was very rewarding. Everyone sort of got involved and immersed themselves in this experience with me. It was a unique, profound, and liberating moment,” the artist stated.

Gabriel Mallet

Photo Credited to: Gabriel Mallet

Mallet’s conviction regarding the recent performance extends beyond its immediate impact, viewing it as a pivotal starting point for a more extensive and multifaceted project. Eagerly anticipating the journey ahead, he envisions a trajectory filled with creativity, innovation, and deeper explorations into various artistic realms. The bold act of drawing a star on his chest served not only as an artistic expression but also as a symbolic marker for personal growth and reinvention. 

In expressing optimism about the future, Mallet hints at the exciting surprises yet to unfold within the project. As he embarks on this artistic venture, there’s a sense of anticipation, both for Mallet and his audience, as they collectively venture into uncharted territories of creativity and self-discovery. The artist’s enthusiasm for what lies ahead underscores a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and continually engaging his followers with thought-provoking and impactful expressions of his evolving identity and vision.

“I’m optimistic about what the future holds because there are still many surprises planned for this project. What we’ve experienced so far is just the beginning of a wider journey, and I’m happy with the path we’re on and excited to share the next steps with my audience,” Gabriel Mallet concluded.

Mallet’s boldness and authenticity continue to inspire his followers, highlighting that art can be a powerful tool for self-expression and reflection on identity.

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