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Author Hamilton Winters Releases His First Book Titled The Art of Everything

Challenging times highlight the need for new inspiration, a source of hope, and even the value of knowing life’s real purpose. Quite often, the difficulty lies in how and where to find these important needs. People who seek them may resort to going to retreats, finding a mentor, traveling the world searching for answers, joining a movement, reconnecting with people, or simply reading a good book. Recommending a choice on meeting these needs is what emerging author Hamilton Winters hopes to impart to his readers with the release of his book titled The Art of Everything.

“I aim to help people start to see how the story of Jesus relates to our lives and the situations we face today. By making that connection, I hope to promote lasting relationships with Christ where all daily decisions and actions are Christ-centered and Christ-focused. In addition, the Art of Everything includes a set of questions to help the reader reflect on what they read,” Winters explained.

His book also encourages a unique form of generosity and paying it forward. “The last question asks the reader to list a person they feel would benefit from the chapter. At the end of the book, I ask the reader to pass on the book to those they mentioned in the answers to the end of chapter questions. I hope this book opens up conversations about Christ among people,” he added

The Atlanta-based author is an award-winning speaker and writer. He finished Business Administration and Marketing at the University of Louisiana. He completed his MBA at the University of Mississippi. He presently works at North Point Ministries and is currently finishing his Masters of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL) at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Hamilton Winters is the founder, co-founder of NSPIRE Aviation, and a freelance business strategy consultant. He specializes in several fields, including branding, sales, marketing, graphic design, operations, and public speaking. Throughout the course of his colorful career, Hamilton has had the opportunity to give insightful ideas to many businesses across the country. When he has the time, he travels a lot, does creative writing, and occasionally skydiving. Hamilton has been to 26 countries on five continents in the past ten years. He is also a passionate Eagle Scout and co-leads a small group Bible study.

The release of The Art of Everything is the beginning of what Winters hopes will be a journey of more publications to help readers live their lives to the fullest. He is currently working on launching a podcast, where he will invite guests to share their inspiring stories with listeners. Winters sees there is much work to be done if he is to add value to the lives of his audience, and so, he is not slowing down anytime soon as he is inclined to increase his speaking engagements moving forward.

“I have always felt a passion for speaking. But, I questioned how I could turn that into a career. When I asked a teacher how I could do this, she said I needed to have something to say that was worth listening to,” Winters revealed. “That and my faith is what spurred me into being open to encounters and living an engaged life. One open to new people and new experiences.”

Hamilton Winters’ journey as a book author may only be beginning. Still, he has clarity as to the direction he intends to take in his life – to bring a positive influence in the lives of as many people as possible. With his passion for sharing life-changing insights and ways to increase one’s faith, Winters plans to touch the lives of many who are seeking answers and a divine revelation. 

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