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Author Paul Lamar Hunter’s Autobiography Sheds Light on His Journey to Break His Family’s Curse Living In Poverty

Families living in poverty endure some of the most challenging roadblocks that life set out. Still, larger families in similar situations face greater ordeals as it can be difficult keeping food on the table for everyone. Paul Lamar Hunter is an author who understands the struggle and published his life story. Since publication, it has been the catalyst for change to break the dysfunctional cycle among his siblings and even inspire other people.

Born in Racine, Wisconsin, Paul Hunter was the 19th of 21 children born to James and Louise Hunter. His family lived in heavy poverty, unable to afford food sometimes. His clothes came from the community, as did the occasional food donations. Their living conditions had the children eating beans, cornbread, ramen noodles, and occasionally breath mint. 

Life took a more complicated turn when he lost his father from a car accident and afterward losing his brother from a house fire. His mother, Louise, coped by focusing her energy on a homeless shelter she founded. Louise became the first black woman to open a homeless shelter in Wisconsin, attracting author Dennis James Woods who wrote a book about her titled “Love and Charity: The Life and Story of LouiseHunter and the Love and Charity Homeless Shelter.” Although the shelter positively impacted the community, her home fell apart as Louise neglected her children. 

Despite the trauma and dysfunction their home endured, Paul Hunter was motivated to break free from the cycle that plagued their family. His parents never finished their education, only reaching the end of high school. So when he followed their footsteps, Paul motivated himself to go further than anyone in the family ever did. He enrolled at the Upper Iowa University to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

While he was adamant about graduating from college, Paul was also aware of his weaknesses. “I was never a good student,” he admitted, “But I had confidence in my abilities to complete that task.” To make up for his shortcomings, Paul utilized the one-on-one assistance and tutoring center to help get himself on the right track. Although his journey took a long time to reach, Paul Hunter achieved exactly what he wanted.

Following his successful venture in college, Paul Hunter decided to create a book to respond to the one written about his mother. Titled “No Love, No Charity: The Success of the 19th Child,” the autobiography earned rave reviews and caught the attention of Ebony magazine, Black Enterprise magazine, SA Express News, and Radar Online. Paul’s works also landed him on several television shows across the country. 

Now a father of four, Paul Hunter is reaching out to people to change lives around the world, emphasizing the importance of education and showing people that it is possible to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty. “I want them to know that Paul Lamar Hunter is living proof that limits and lineage don’t determine the quality of one’s life,” he explained, “Faith, fortitude, and determination do.”

Paul Hunter’s autobiography and his mother’s biography have been adapted into a screenplay with a movie deal on the horizon. The author is determined to continue his role in speaking positive words of encouragement to ensure that the next generation will live fulfilled lives.

Learn more about Paul Hunter by visiting his official website. You can also reach out to him through Instagram.

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