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Aviannah Elise on Overcoming Life-Threatening Condition and Rising to Success

Most people might look at influencer Aviannah Élise’s life and think she’s had it all easy. But in retrospect, the OnlyFans sensation, Instagram influencer and model has been through the fire. However, determined to persevere and succeed, she has bounced back from some of the most overwhelming trials, including a life-threatening condition and a pandemic-induced career meltdown. 

Aviannah Élise Elizabeth Horton grew up in La Jolla, California, with her mother. Her parents divorced at a young age, and she grew up in a single-parent household for most of her life. When Aviannah finished high school, she decided to move around the Southern California area. She would later become part of the adult film industry for several years. Upon leaving that life behind and moving forward, she started working towards becoming a fitness icon and model. 

But tragedy would strike in 2016 after she grew very ill in the middle of training for a WBFF fitness show. Aviannah would discover that her kidneys and liver were failing due to harmful supplements. For a season, she would move in and out of hospitals and treatment centers to no avail. But Aviannah Élise had a will made out of iron steel. In December 2016, she got on a list for a Liver and Kidney transplant. But while waiting, she kept receiving treatment, and her body finally started responding to treatments. After eight months of battling for her life, she would eventually return to normal life and move back home. 

From 2017 to 2019, Aviannah would experience breakthrough upon breakthrough as she started to climb her way up in the modeling and fitness industry. She worked with top brands like Flat Tummy Tea, Muscle Sport, Blackstone Labs, 24 Hour Fitness, Sweet Sweat, 6 Pack Bags, and many others. In 2018, she would hit over 1 million followers, but misfortune would catch up with her again as a lawsuit would threaten her career. But determined to not let anything slow her down, Aviannah kept fighting. 

In November 2019, Moll Magazine would award the model as Ms. November and put her on the cover. A month later, she would make the Playboy Croatia Issue’s cover. All was going her way until March 2020, when COVID-19 would hit and cancel over 17 shoots. As the pandemic hit, Aviannah would pivot to building her online brand and started an OnlyFans page. Today, she now makes over $30,000 a week through her new digital venture.

Today, the model and influencer is paying it forward by teaching other models on leveraging social media and OnlyFans to create a virtual money-making machine. She is currently working on a workshop to help social media influencers monetize their following through OnlyFans. She is also currently working on a new project, a merch line with LOOPTIFY in Los Angeles named “Escaping Bunnies.” 

Aviannah Élise is a testament to the power of perseverance when on the path to success. She is proof that one’s past doesn’t have to determine his or her future. Aviannah hopes to continue growing her newly found venture and help others experience the same success. She currently lives with her husband, three dogs, and one cat.

To learn more about Aviannah Élise, visit her Instagram account, website, and IMDB Page.

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