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Bad Bears Is Shaking up the Industry With Its Innovative Approach

In a rapidly growing industry where hundreds of competitors are vying for the top spot, standing out and making a name for oneself can be tough, especially in the digital space, where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created avenues for creatives to share their craft and generate income at the same time. Ever since the trade has gained popularity, more individuals and collectives have been trying to take over the industry by launching innovative projects set on providing NFT traders with unrivaled utilities and opportunities. Joining the circle of headline-grabbing projects introducing their collections into the NFT space is Bad Bears.

From the moment of its inception, Bad Bears have already managed to draw the attention of celebrities and enthusiasts with its iconic giveaway for holders—an official trip to outer space worth $125,000. The lucky winner of the outer space giveaway may also choose to receive $75,000 worth of ETH. Meanwhile, the second winner will receive $15,000 of ETH, and the third will be given $10,000 of ETH. To qualify, traders will need to hold, mint, or purchase a Bad Bear on OpenSea, with each minted NFT serving as a ticket to enter the event.

There are a total of 5,555 Bad Bear NFTs ready for minting and taking over the metaverse. With their one-of-a-kind and tokenized ERC-721 ecosystem built on the blockchain, this emerging name is bound to continue causing a stir in the digital industry.

But more than just giveaways, Bad Bears feature a plethora of benefits that create more utility and value for its holders while also allowing them to leverage their NFTs. Each Bad Bear NFT allows its holders to generate passive income in the form of $MSK, which is distributed to them every day while maintaining a fixed supply. This eliminates the need for holders to mint more $MSK in order to make money.

Bad Bears are designed to generate 100 $MSK tokens per day, which can be used to purchase consumables from Bear Labs. Bear Labs will be periodically releasing serums, viruses, and crazy technological assets that can boost the status of each Bad Bear upon consumption, adding to their perks and cross-chain and metaverse compatibility. 

Furthermore, holders of the genesis collection of Bad Bears can vote on what crypto projects and blue-chip NFTs to invest in through the Treasury DAO, where 10% of the minting profit from the initial Bad Bear mint and royalties in perpetuity will be allocated to.

Each NFT also serves as access to the VIP sections of IRL A-List parties hosted by the creators globally. Holders will also have full commercial rights and usage of their minted NFTs, granting them the freedom to print out the Bad Bear designs as logos, on shirts, or whatever merchandise they want.

Currently, the project is adhering to an extensive roadmap that includes a plan for future drops of another wave of NFT collections like the Bad Cubs and the VX, which are exclusive for the holders of Bad Bears and are metaverse-ready.

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