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Balanced Living Mentors: The Leading Holistic Lifestyle Coaches Transforming Lives

Balanced Living Mentors- The Leading Holistic Lifestyle Coaches Transforming Lives
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The world is advancing at a meteoric rate; rigid routines and one-size-fits-all diets are no longer effective for people. The necessity of a good diet and a healthy state of mind will soon become a luxury if the world runs out of expert, balanced living mentors. They’re here to ignite a vibrant transformation, a kaleidoscope of well-being unique to you. These mentors, who don’t force individuals into predetermined molds, are being preferred, as they are well aware of what it takes to keep up with the immensely fast-paced and stressful society in which we live.

The following 15 holistic lifestyle coaches are the maestros, ready to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, where laughter replaces limitations and joy becomes your fuel.

Rocco DiSpirito

Rocco DiSpirito is a renowned chef and champion of healthy living. Belonging to Queens, New York, he had nurtured a love for cooking at a very tender age, picking up valuable skills from his mother to make delicious yet straightforward dishes. DiSpirito’s path took him through well-known culinary schools and restaurants across the world, resulting in awards and recognition such as being named “Best New Chef” by Food & Wine and “Sexiest Chef” by People magazine. He has authored thirteen books, including the well-received “Flavour,” and he keeps inspiring others with his creative yet approachable recipes. Outside of the kitchen, DiSpirito’s dedication to health also shines through in his charitable endeavors, particularly as an ambassador for HealthCorps, where he inspires students across the country to embrace healthier habits. His generous contributions and culinary skills make him a prominent figure in the culinary and wellness fields.

Joy Bauer

Joy Bauer, a prominent health authority, hosts NBC’s Health + Happiness and is the nutrition expert for the TODAY Show. She is the founder of Nourish Snacks, a writer for Woman’s Day, and offers valuable advice to the New York City Ballet. She has penned 12 best-selling books, such as Joy’s Simple Food Remedies; she delves into the healing potential of food for everyday health issues. Earlier in her career, Bauer led nutrition efforts at Mount Sinai Medical Centre and started the “Heart Smart Kids” programme for disadvantaged children. Prior to her media career, she was a professor at NYU and simultaneously established a top-tier nutrition center. Known for her precise guidance, she has been honored with awards such as the National Media Excellence Award. Aside from her professional endeavors, Bauer finds pleasure in cooking and spending quality time with her husband, three children, and furry companion, Gatsby.

Melissa Deally

Melissa, an Integrative Mind-Body Health Practitioner and accomplished trainer in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy, is passionate about helping you feel and look your very best.  Leveraging the precision of functional medicine labs delivered to your doorstep, she unravels the root causes of health issues and skillfully guides your healing journey. What sets Melissa apart is her authentic and compassionate approach; she listens, collaborates, and empowers, explaining the ‘why’ behind each step.

A trailblazer, Melissa supports other coaches in their transformative journeys, training them in these powerful modalities.

As the host of the impactful “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” podcast, she imparts concise, actionable insights on health and mindset, embodying her dedication to holistic well-being. Melissa is also the Co-Founder of Girls Matter, a foundation dedicated to keeping girls in school in Uganda and Kenya, breaking the poverty cycle one girl, one family, one village at a time.

Beth Frates

Dr. Beth Frates, MD, is a highly respected lifestyle medicine expert, author, speaker, educator, and coach. Being an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, she has received many teaching awards and is one of the pioneering Fellows of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Frates established the first Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group at Harvard Medical School in 2008 and crafted a widely praised college curriculum on the topic at Harvard Extension School in 2014. She co-authored the “The Lifestyle Medicine Handbook,” in 2018.  

Dr. Frates was voted in as president of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine a 10,000 member medical organization. In addition, she has co-authored “The Teen Lifestyle Medicine Handbook” and the “Lifestyle Medicine Pocket Guide.” At Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, she leads the ground-breaking “PAVING the Path to Wellness” programme and co-authored its textbook. Dr. Frates serves as Director of wellness and lifestyle medicine for the Department of Surgery at Mass General Hospital. Since 2008, Dr. Frates has run a private lifestyle medicine consulting/coaching practice in which she sees patients 1:1 and in groups.

Ashley Miers

Ashley Miers, a respected Success Coach, inspires women to overcome depression in a natural way, challenging the idea of being inherently flawed. Ashley and co-host Elizabeth Russo combine music and cooking on their YouTube show, “Dancing in the Kitchen,” to boost spirits and promote mental well-being. Her online programme, “Transcend the Turbulence,” makes use of neuroscience, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Kundalini Yoga to help clients worldwide achieve transformative health and mindset changes. By prioritizing self-care, individuals move forward to establish and accomplish transformative goals, embracing their true purpose and potential. Furthermore, Ashley speaks at the Mental Health America conference, contributes to the NAMI blog, and is a featured author in the Entrepreneur’s Book of Wisdom by Holon Publishing.

Katherine Anderson

A qualified Kinesiologist, Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and Facilitator, Katherine brings over a decade of clinical expertise to empower her clients to create lasting and positive change through her holistic and strategic approach to well-being.

Working extensively with a wide range of people of different ages and in stages of life, Kate works with those looking to create balance, enhance their well-being, and improve their overall life-experience. Her specially developed Kinesiology-centric approach provides simple techniques and strategies designed to create and maintain a positive state-of-mind and overall wellness.

Katherine is also the director of Ease Wellness, a holistic wellness company that delivers health-centric education and experiences, supporting individuals, businesses, schools, and their students to achieve optimal mindset, wellness, and performance.

Dr. Claudio De Paulis

Dr. Claudio De Paulis, a seasoned Physician, Counselor, and Health Coach, is renowned for his pioneering work in introducing Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching to Argentina. Through his roles at institutions like the Argentinian Medical Association and its ISCES Institute, he imparts knowledge on nutrition, Wellness, and Life Coaching. He is the author of books on Aesthetic Medicine, Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. De Paulis emphasizes an inward journey to navigate the complexities of health advice, advocating for the cultivation of critical thinking, perseverance, curiosity, and self-belief. By harnessing these potential abilities, individuals can discern credible guidance, make informed choices, and forge meaningful connections conducive to holistic well-being and liberation from societal expectations. His insights inspire a healthier, freer, and more fulfilling approach to personal wellness.

Rachelle McCloud

Rachelle McCloud is committed to helping people resolve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress by focusing on utilizing the brain’s natural healing abilities for quick relief. By following a structured four-phase approach and incorporating top interventions, she guides clients to become more self-sufficient in overcoming challenges. McCloud provides various opportunities for personal growth through online courses, intensive coaching, and couples’ programs. Oregon residents have access to individual or small-group therapy. Her comprehensive method not only relieves symptoms but also tackles underlying issues, promoting higher levels of emotional intelligence and success in life and relationships. Through her Youtube channel, Facebook page and blog. McCloud aims to provide the insight, information and tools that inspire people to go beyond coping and actually get rid of symptoms and thrive.

Omanisa Ross

Omanisa, also known as Om, is a highly respected Australian naturopath renowned for her insightful readings, healing work, and coaching sessions. Blending spirituality and science, Om effortlessly combines ancient wisdom with evidence-based therapeutic methods, catering to clients worldwide through Zoom consultations and a busy clinic in Palmerston, Northern Australia. Combining indigenous and Eastern philosophies with naturopathy and neuroscience, her innovative Spirit Medicine modality promotes vitality and creativity in individuals. Omanisa’s School of Colors is the result of her extensive teaching experience spanning two decades. The school provides a variety of courses in meditation, mindfulness, aura color therapy, and other subjects. It serves students worldwide through online classes and organizes local meetups in Darwin, Northern Australia, utilizing her distinct aura color system.

Donna Shin

Donna Shin-Ward, MS, LCPC, is a licensed Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist and certified Holistic Wellness Coach, specializing in grief, trauma, and recovery from emotional abuse. She incorporates the mind, body, and spirit for healing in a comprehensive manner. She recounts her experiences in her memoir “My Mystical Path,” hoping to help readers heal and grow into their true selves. Donna fervently advocates for spiritually aware women to identify and break free from toxic relationships based on her personal experience, and her education. Having successfully managed her own grief and trauma, she understands the struggles of those who feel confused and unsafe. She focuses on self-love, reaching out for support, and personal development through self-discovery and professional knowledge. Donna aims to empower survivors by providing support, education, and guidance to help them find renewed hope, confidence and peace.

Anita Zachou

Anita Zachou, originally from Athens, Greece, is a renowned agricultural engineer, respected olive oil expert, holistic life and wellness coach, and supporter of the Mediterranean Diet. Anita is a multifaceted professional with titles such as columnist, trainer, and host of Greece’s top olive oil podcast, showcasing her extensive knowledge in the industry. She obtained the Expert in Virgin Olive Oil Tasting title from the University of Jaen in Spain. Before, she gained twenty years of multinational corporate experience before shifting her focus to promoting the Mediterranean lifestyle and encouraging extra virgin olive oil consumption on Mykonos. Anita, the founder of Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting, provides seminars, workshops, and consultancy services, leading the way in luxury olive oil tastings on yachts and villas. Being a judge in international olive oil quality competitions, her goal is to raise awareness and promote the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Mediterranean diet.

Dr. Lisa Cooney

Dr. Lisa Cooney has revolutionized the field of psychology with her transformative ROAR® method approach, designed to guide individuals from the depths of trauma to a thriving “Radically Orgasmic Alive Reality” (ROAR). Her unique blend of traditional psychological practices with ThetaHealing® techniques has facilitated remarkable personal growth and healing. Dr. Cooney’s philosophy is underpinned by empowering principles, such as self-choice, commitment, collaboration with the universe, and the active creation of one’s life. These tenets are vital for those recovering from trauma and seeking to unlock their inherent potential. Her pioneering work, emphasizing authenticity and inner strength, has made substantial contributions to holistic well-being and personal empowerment, offering a beacon of hope for many striving to lead lives of joy, freedom, and fulfillment.

Lidia Kuleshnyk

Distinguished High Performance Wellness Coach Lidia Kuleshnyk, also known as Lady Apona, helps high achievers achieve maximum health by regulating their inner power, energy, and stress. Lidia, a genuine Renaissance Woman and creator of Apona Healing, offers personalized pathways to help people at all levels of their personal growth recover their power and live a Centered-Connected-Conscious life. Discovering the human potential for revolutionary success and empowering conscious leaders to navigate crises successfully is her greatest interest. 

Lidia overcame a series of severe health challenges when she was just ten years old. Now, she is a respected columnist for Expert Profile Magazine, a thought leader in her field, and the author of four critically praised books. Accolades like Passion Vista Magazine’s Global Women Leaders Award and Expert Profile Magazine’s Global Super Minds Award, as well as her inclusion in the esteemed Who’s Who Of The Industries by Unified Brainz Group, have humbled her.

Aayah Khalaf

Aayah Khalaf is the creator of Bee Nourished and a board-certified health coach from IIN in Washington State. She is a faith-driven coach with over eight years of expertise who has assisted over five hundred women in reaching their health goals. As a detox specialist trained at The Health Sciences Academy and an IIN certified practitioner, Aayah creates unique plans for each client. Faith, resilience, and individualized solutions are the cornerstones of her holistic approach to overcoming obstacles like emotional eating and food addiction. 

Aayah helps her clients form healthy habits that will last a lifetime by drawing on her extensive knowledge of various food theories and practical lifestyle strategies. She is skilled at creating personalized plans for maximum health and weight loss based on her eight years of experience as a health coach.

Anne Nielsen

Anne Nielsen, originally hailing from Denmark but currently residing in Mallorca, has navigated a remarkable path. Her journey encompasses a successful career as a chef in the yachting industry, coupled with strategic investments in real estate in both France and Spain. Inspired by her experiences, she pursued certification as a Life Coach through the Manning Inspire School of Coaching in Copenhagen.

A pivotal moment in Anne’s life occurred when she decided to embrace sobriety. This choice propelled her into the realms of personal development literature, triggering a transformative voyage of self-discovery. Through her own growth and empowerment journey, she unearthed her true calling as a life coach.

Anne is passionately dedicated to sharing her personal and relatable transformation story. By exemplifying the potency of setting clear goals and navigating positive transitions, she encourages others to embark on meaningful changes in their lives. With a coaching style that is both warm and encouraging, Anne empowers individuals to shape the lives they authentically desire.


The path to well-being is more like a graceful waltz than a quick sprint. With Balanced Living Mentors by your side, you will discover how to navigate challenges with poise, welcome setbacks, and appreciate the uniqueness of each experience. Relax, breathe deeply, let go of stress, and enter an environment where equilibrium is not a place, but the lively expression of your true self.

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