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Barre3 White Oak Studio Founder Lisa Begley Talks Holistic Take on Fitness and Supporting Clients on Their Health Journey

While the COVID-19 outbreak did manage to drive home the point that health should be prioritized above anything else, today’s collective focus on well-being is nothing new. For decades now, people across the globe have placed a heavier premium on keeping fit and staying healthy, following an increase in awareness of illnesses and the rise in popularity of health-promoting practices. However, there remains a long string of misconceptions surrounding the concepts of health and fitness, with many assuming that the number one sees on their scales is indicative of their overall well-being. Lisa Begley aims to counter these misconceptions and introduce a holistic approach to fitness by establishing Barre3 White Oak Studio.

For so long, people have always associated improvements in fitness and wellness with “decrease” – decrease in weight, decrease in waist size, etc. But, this perspective does not encapsulate the different facets of well-being and neglects to consider the role psychological health plays. So, highly fueled by the overarching goal of redefining fitness, Lisa launched her Barre3 White Oak Studio in 2022. 

Since its creation, Barre3 White Oak Studio has delivered heart-pumping workouts, promoted in-person connection, and offered game-changing support by effectively marrying strength, cardio, and mindfulness into programs that produce a euphoric afterglow. Additionally, it has always incorporated mental-health-focused strategies, believing that a sound mind is a critical key to unlocking a healthier state.

“We promote mindfulness to encourage a healthy mind, strength to give you confidence, and cardio to build your endurance,” shared Lisa Begley. “We boost self-compassion and are redefining what success in fitness looks like. At the end of the day, it is not about the before and after picture.”

Given the various areas that Barre3 White Oak Studio pays attention to, it’s not a surprise why Lisa chose the barre3 franchise as a go-to studio for countless people and earned the patronage of many. Today, it boasts over 170 franchise studios powered by female entrepreneurs and an online workout platform that streams workouts in over 156 countries. 

Apart from the strategic leadership of its founders, and the passion of the team spearheading its operations, Barre3 White Oak Studio attributes its rise to the top to the barre3 signature approach: a holistic take designed to increase strength, improve balance, and bridge the gap between mind and body. Deserving of credit, as well, is the tailored service the studio provides and how it does not resort to cookie-cutter solutions, offering instead modification options for every move, which allows individuals of every fitness level to create sustainable change from the inside out. 

In the years to come, Lisa hopes to propel Barre3 White Oak Studio to greater heights and cement its standing in the health and wellness industry. Moreover, she aims to expand the community of acceptance, grace, and support they’ve built over the years and provide a space for people to take time for themselves to make time for others.

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