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Barry Gabster Becomes the Wall Street Journal’s Best-selling Author with “Million Dollar Identity”

The hardest part of running a business is getting it to scale, and many entrepreneurs believe they have to spend a lot of money on marketing, advertising and lead generation to achieve their business goals. However, Barry Gabster has proven that things do not always have to be that way. Seasoned entrepreneur, and now bestselling author, Barry Gabster has hacked the process of scaling a business without advertising, lead generation and marketing. His track record of building a company worth $8.5 million by word-of-mouth alone has made him an authority in the business world. This also made him one of the contributors to the book “Million Dollar Identity,” which has become a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

The founder and CEO of InitiateU chronicled his experience building a business in the anthology, “Million Dollar Identity: Experts, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs Share How to Build, Monetize, and Scale Your Market Authority Profit, and Influence for 7+ Figure Success.” In the book, he reveals the mysteries of business-ownership victory in a way that saves business owners from incurring too many expenses during their growth stage.

The book’s preamble, written by Ryan Stewman, the founder and CEO of Hardcore Closer and Break Free Academy, opens up a world of experts who struggled with their identity as they pursued success in the entrepreneurial world. The preamble gives readers a look into these experts’ journeys to find inspiring experiences, messages and exciting milestones while learning that the path to success is not the same for everyone. 

Barry Gabster’s section in the book is the 15th, and it talks about mailer marketing, a niche that not many people give utmost attention to. Other contributors in the book include specialists and experts like Robert Nickell, Victoria Kennedy, Jamie Wolf, Dan Ashburn, Angela Little and Galen M. Hair. They are experts in various niches who have successfully built and created notable ventures in the business world.

From Gabster’s section, he submits, “Nice Doesn’t Always Finish Last,” which talks about the imposter syndrome he experienced before he achieved immense success by following his intuition. He describes his primary strategy as one that was as simple as “picking up the phone and calling the leads” without doubting why he should, whether he should or whether he is good enough. His method is straightforward yet lighthearted, but it works.

He wrote his contribution from his point of view, which recaps the tale of how he became the owner of a successful marketing firm from a point most people would rather not want to start from. “I built a career out of making friends. I often receive compliments about my ability to adapt and find relevance with some of the oddest of characters. At this stage of my life, it’s not even a thought for me. In your career, you must get your customer to become your friend. This is how you retain your customers forever and how you build a solid customer base and a thriving business,” he wrote.

Since its release, “Million Dollar Identity” has topped the list of Hot New Releases in 13 categories on Amazon. It has also hit #1 Best Seller in eleven categories and has gotten the Best Seller banner in at least five categories. In addition, it is in the Top 100 on all of Kindle and a #1 Best Seller on Amazon in the following categories: Nonfiction, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Women & Business, and more.

About Barry Gabster

Barry Gabster is the founder and CEO of InitiateU, a company that offers multichannel marketing programs to businesses. He has grown his company’s gross sales from $800,000 to $8.5 million within one year and is known for the outstanding results he achieves with each of his clients.

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