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Ben Geller: A Genuine Public Servant Aspiring To Make A Difference Daily

Working as an Emergency Medical Technician for an advanced life support agency is something that first responder Ben Geller does passionately. He has dedicated a huge part of his career to saving lives and helping people in need. As a public servant working for Dutchess County assisting in the vaccine site operations, he has witnessed first-hand the real condition of many Americans today and hopes to be able to do more by taking on another role as legislature of Duchess County of the 4th District of New York.

“This country is divided and is suffering greatly,” Geller shared. “No matter what party you choose to represent, we are all Americans, and it’s time we rebuild our country, starting by caring about the people we are elected to serve. I want to start a revolution of waking up America and starting the conversation that brings healing to our nation,” he added. 

Geller wants to uphold transparency, be an approachable representative, and establish accessible communication between the public and elected officials. He intends to listen to people and identify more of their needs so that his seat can be put to good use by coming up with legislation that makes life better for many people. 

The inspiration behind the plan to run for Dutchess County came to be after Geller was tapped by New York Leadership. People who support his candidacy have seen his dedication and selflessness in executing his responsibilities in the field as a first responder. They also see how strategic and connected he is with the people through his small bakery business, Benji’s Bakery. His day-to-day interaction with community members in his line of work and business gives him a great idea of the many needs of ordinary people, making him a promising candidate for the legislative  seat. 

Apart from advocating for lower taxes for the people of New York, he also wants to actively participate in initiatives that aim to combat the staggering rise of the mental health crisis in the country today. Geller believes in the value of caring for the mental health of every American and that building a strong country begins by helping citizens achieve a strong mind and spirit. 

For Geller, the possibility of representing Dutchess County would be one of the biggest honors of his life as a public servant. Bringing Americans together under a united ideal is something that he envisions during his term, should he be given a chance to serve in his area. America, after all, is not about any political party. For Geller, America is about a united people moving forward together. 

Find out more about Ben Geller by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

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