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Bessie Lee-Cappell, Inspirational Mompreneur and Inventor Behind “Baby Bottle Brush Bib”

No one can ever live an entirely smooth-sailing life. People, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, have to find a way to survive and thrive in the face of challenges, from minor inconveniences and terrible heartbreaks to life-altering events that push individuals toward rock bottom. However, if there is anything that today’s successful figures can prove, it is the undeniable fact that these odds, once beaten, can push a person to strive more, providing them with much-needed lessons and helping them build resilience. For Bessie Lee-Cappell, the frustrations that have peppered her journey so far served as the fuel behind her drive to continue. At the helm of a fast-growing company, she does not only offer top-notch products but also an inspiring story set to encourage those who are struggling. 

Bessie Lee-Cappell is a Philadelphia native who has always been on the receiving end of proclamations that she’s “special,” an assertion that hardly made any sense before. It was not until she launched the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Co. that she realized the faith that others had in her potential. Additionally, the successful establishment of her venture drove home the point that despite the string of difficulties she encountered, they were nothing compared to the extent of her perseverance and passion. 

This full-time social worker, who is a mother of three children, was one of seven siblings. She was the first to graduate high school as well as attend and earn a Bachelor’s degree from college. “I’m also the first to breeze through graduate school and receive a license,” Bessie Lee-Cappell adds, sending across a powerful message about how one’s humble beginnings do not predetermine the trajectory of their life. Currently, apart from catering to the constituents of Philadelphia through her work in the Department of Human Services, this go-getter is also making a mark as a mompreneur. 

At the Baby Bottle Brush Bib and its subsidiary company, Bessie’s Love and Care, Bessie Lee-Cappell delivers a line of offerings that meet the existing gaps in the baby product industry. With gender-neutral designs, their inventory has impressed parents for their quality and distinctiveness. One of their signature items, the brush bib, was invented to stand as a protective barrier preventing the user from being splashed on. The inventor takes pride, as well, in her brainchild, the pacifier teether clips, which are the only all-in-one pacifier clips that can be a baby’s companion for years to come. Strategically made of 100% silicone for easier cleaning, these clips can be used up to toddlerhood and are FDA-approved and BPA-free. 

Through her businesses, Bessie Lee-Cappell is not only addressing a market need and meeting the demands of parents and soon-to-be mothers and fathers. On top of her aim to provide high-quality products, she also focuses on raising awareness of the importance of checking the safety and health features of a baby item before purchasing it. 

More purpose-driven initiatives can be expected from Bessie Lee-Cappell in the future. Regardless of the nature of her future endeavors, one thing is sure: she will continue to serve as an inspiration. 

Learn more about Bessie Lee-Cappell by visiting her website. More information about her company can be found here

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