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Bigleaf Networks Paves the Way for Jet’s Pizza’s Massive Savings

Bigleaf Networks Paves the Way for Jet’s Pizza’s Massive Savings
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Leveraging Superior Technology to Enhance Profitability

When Jet’s Pizza started its journey, it was one of the many pizza chains vying for a spot in America’s fiercely competitive food industry. As it evolved into one of the fastest-growing pizza chains in the nation, the company realized the imperative role that technology plays, especially reliable internet connectivity, in keeping its operations streamlined and customer-centric.

Like any business scaling up, Jet’s Pizza understood that they needed a robust secondary connection to support their critical business applications, ensuring they remained accessible to customers without a hitch. That’s where Bigleaf Networks came in, offering a solution that promised to eliminate the frustrations associated with network downtime, which can cost a staggering average of $5,600 per minute.

For franchise owner Dan O’Donohue, the priority was clear: As a small business, we don’t have extensive internet requirements. However, we do need dependable internet access to process payments and take orders over the phone or online. With so many responsibilities, I simply want the internet to function properly without any added stress. It serves as the backbone of our business.

Bridging the Connectivity Gap in the Food Industry

In an era where digitalization is sweeping across industries, the restaurant sector is no exception. More and more restaurants are realizing the potential of harnessing technology not just to streamline operations but also to offer an enriched customer experience. However, the journey isn’t without its hurdles. Many establishments grapple with the issue of unreliable internet, which can be a major stumbling block in their path to digitalization.

But Jet’s Pizza is leading the charge, having identified the value of a reliable internet connection early on. By partnering with Bigleaf Networks, they managed to eradicate one of the major operational hurdles, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted services to their customers.

O’Donohue explains that they have tried other backup options and noticed that they require manual switchover or do not switch over unless the circuit is entirely out, which can lead to a potential lapse in service. After weighing their options, they found that Bigleaf’s solution is very cost-effective and functions automatically in the background, eliminating an additional worry.

How Jet’s Pizza Streamlined Operations with Bigleaf Networks

Bigleaf Networks, with its simple yet highly effective solutions, seemed like a match made in heaven for Jet’s Pizza. The installation process was incredibly straightforward, especially beneficial for O’Donohue, who did not have an IT staff at his location. Bigleaf shipped out a preconfigured router that effortlessly integrated with Jet’s Pizza’s existing SonicWall firewall, requiring no changes to existing security policies or LAN architecture.

The simplicity of the setup process was a boon for O’Donohue, who could have the router up and running in just 5 minutes, saving time and eliminating the need for expertise in IT. This ease of installation allowed Jet’s Pizza to focus on its core business, ensuring customer satisfaction through timely and efficient service.

  • Reduced Downtime for Increased Customer Satisfaction

Through Bigleaf’s solution, Jet’s Pizza managed to drastically reduce the instances of network downtime, ensuring business-critical applications remained available to customers, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Easy Installation Process with Bigleaf Networks

Bigleaf Networks made the installation process a breeze with a preconfigured router that worked seamlessly with existing infrastructure, saving time and reducing the stress associated with implementing new technological solutions.

  • Securing the Business Lifeline with Bigleaf

The collaboration with Bigleaf Networks has acted as a safety net for Jet’s Pizza, securing their business lifeline – the internet – and ensuring uninterrupted services, saving them thousands of dollars in the process.

An Investment in Ongoing Business Growth

For Jet’s Pizza, the collaboration with Bigleaf Networks represented an investment in their future, fostering a technological environment that promises ongoing growth and profitability. This partnership stands as a testimony to the transformative power of technology, demonstrating how the right technological intervention can not only save costs but also elevate the customer experience to new heights.

Bigleaf Networks has emerged as a trusted partner for businesses looking to secure their internet connectivity, offering solutions that are both easy to implement and effective in safeguarding against network disruptions. Through collaborations like the one with Jet’s Pizza, Bigleaf Networks is helping reshape the industry, enabling businesses to thrive in a digitally connected world.

The success story of Jet’s Pizza and Bigleaf Networks serves as an inspiration for other businesses in the food industry, showcasing the potential of leveraging technology to enhance business operations and customer satisfaction, paving the way for a brighter, more connected future in the restaurant sector.

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