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Blossom Bariatrics Offers VIP Experiences

At Blossom Bariatrics, we provide a VIP experience for our clients. Our surgeons specialize in bariatric surgery, and we have our own ambulatory surgery center. This allows us to offer specialized, unique, personalized, specific care more efficiently than hospitals and insurance providers can.

Blossom Bariatrics offers unique VIP treatment

We opened Warm Springs Surgical Center in 2014 to offer 100 percent outpatient surgery. We’re entirely independent of a hospital setting and have a full-time staff.

Our mission is to enable clients to blossom into the true version of themselves. We want our clients to be able to do the simple things people who aren’t morbidly obese take for granted every day, such as playing on the floor with grandchildren, riding a roller coaster, or sitting comfortably in an airplane without a seatbelt extender.

We are the largest private bariatric surgery clinic and surgery center in the country. Despite that, the most important thing to us is treating every single client as if he or she is the only person at our clinic that day. That treatment begins from the moment a client lands in Las Vegas. Our Blossom Aid staff visit clients in their hotel rooms, and our drivers take clients to and from their appointments.

Your VIP patient experience at Blossom Bariatrics starts on day one

The treatment we offer is wheels down to wheels up. We take care of you from the moment you land in Las Vegas until the moment you depart.

When you land at McCarran Airport, your personal chauffeur greets you at baggage claim. They’ll drive you to the hotel accommodations we booked for you and assist you with checking in.

The next day starts with a private chauffeur picking you up for your first appointment. Several of our drivers have undergone bariatric surgery themselves. You can familiarize yourself with what to expect during the next four days by talking to people who’ve already been through the procedure.

On that first day, we will bring you to the clinic for testing. Later, you meet with a dietician and consult with your surgeon.

We give you a detailed outline of the following days so you’ll know exactly when to expect your driver. Finally, you pose for a “before” picture to compare with how you’ll look six months after the surgery. That evening, we drop you off at your hotel with a blossom care bag. It’s an insulated lunch tote containing pre-op beverages, protein broth for after surgery, a hot compress, and other goodies to keep you comfortable pre and post-op.

VIP treatment during surgery at Blossom Bariatrics

The second day is usually the day of your surgery. As before, we pick you up and take you back to your hotel, so you don’t have to worry about driving in an unfamiliar city.

The night following your surgery, one of our medical assistants will visit your hotel room, administer I.V. therapy, assess your vitals, and check your incision.

We also make sure you have your surgeon’s direct cell phone number. We tell every client, “Please don’t hesitate to call. The doctors want to hear from you if you’re having any issues.” We’re always just a phone call away.

Blossom Bariatrics takes care of everything for their clients

The traditional route to bariatric surgery is an insurance company directing you to a particular hospital. Insurance providers have a set of criteria. They’re going to say, “You need to have a BMI of 40 or above with two or more weight-related health conditions. Then you need to attempt to lose the weight for six to nine months.”

In many cases, insurance will come back and say, “We know you did all this work, but we can’t approve you at this time.” It really is frustrating. In addition, many people don’t even have the bariatric benefit on their policy. According to our research, only around three percent of the insured population has this benefit.

Sometimes this frustration leads people to start searching south of the border. I have seen some success stories from folks who traveled to Mexico for weight-loss surgeries, but I’ve also seen some pretty significant complications and detrimental issues that arise.

We put a lot of thought into how we can be different. We asked ourselves, “How can we offer something unique? How can we help clients utilize the insurance benefits that have cost thousands of dollars? How can we help the clients who don’t have that bariatric benefit? By utilizing insurance to cover some pre-testing, We’ve been able to help clients lower the upfront cost and avoid the risks of traveling outside the country for the surgery they desperately need.

At Blossom Bariatrics, we offer an all-inclusive approach outside of your flight in your meals. Everything we do is in-house. If we need lab work, we don’t send you to get a referral from your primary care physician. We do that right here in our office. For a stress test, we don’t send you to get clearance from a cardiologist when you don’t even have a cardiologist. We have a cardiologist on staff, and we offer a stress test at our clinic. We even dispense medications right from our onsite pharmacy.

Essentially, we’re a one-stop-shop. You don’t have to do any work prior to arriving. We do all of the testing, clearances, and procedures over the four days you’re here at our office.

This procedure is a complete makeover of your mind and your body. It’s crucial to be sure you’re ready to make the necessary changes that go along with bariatric surgery. If and when you are ready, this procedure is life-changing, and our staff is here to deliver VIP treatment.

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