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Boaz Bagbag, the Entrepreneur Who Gives Back, Has Set His Sight on Creating More Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles to Benefit Logistics Companies

There are many reasons why people would delve into entrepreneurism, but everyone strives to obtain the financial freedom the career offers. Despite going for gold, some entrepreneurs are in the business of helping others, and Boaz Bagbag is a strong example of such goals. 

Boaz Bagbag has remained a consistent figure in giving back to the community and creating opportunities for underrepresented people. His philanthropy has even caught the attention of the CEO and Founder of One West Magazine, Darnell Price Sr, who describes him as “an impressive entrepreneur and investor.” Boaz strives to navigate unsteady economic times and global crises’ using his awe-inspiring intuition to keep himself, his projects, and his employees thriving.

Currently, Boaz has dedicated his time to opening the first charging station for electric vehicles or EVs in Long Island City. With companies moving away from fossil fuels, electricity has become a more viable option. However, the number of charging stations is limited, with private vehicles priority. Boaz is hoping to create a solution for deliveries and logistics companies.

The updated technology will assist drivers from New York City while helping minorities win and stay at the forefront of current trends. Boaz is aware that gentrification will continue within the city and in every industry. But, being a leader of change, he is devoted to actively fighting against it. 

When it comes to charging electric vehicles, there are three levels of charging – Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The first level provides the slowest charge to the vehicle, using the least amount of power being transferred. Every EV or plug-in hybrid can connect to a Level 1 charger. Level 2 charges ten times as fast and is the most common type of charger for electric vehicle owners. Finally, level 3 is the fastest way to charge, requiring a voltage that most EV home chargers cannot provide. 

Electric cars are equipped with a program to communicate with the charger and determine its voltage. As a result, they only accept as much power as they can handle, leaving the user stress-free when connecting to a charging station.

While Boaz Bagbag has many talents, identifying a need and coming up with a way to serve is unarguably his most extraordinary expertise. What keeps his engine charged is holding close to his “why.” In addition, the entrepreneur’s pursuits have caught the eye and support of many investors who recognized his greatness early on. Although it is uncommon for a new business to give back generously, Boaz’s output back into the economy for his first quarter produced terrific results, which didn’t come off as surprising to those who knew him. In addition, he stands out in the entrepreneurial space with his consistency in creating steady jobs with the goal of developing generational wealth. Boaz also always thinks about the long-term impact of his actions.

The renowned entrepreneur greets every challenge that comes with business with open arms and a sharp mind, staying up-to-date with new knowledge and waking with a vigor to tackle any issue. “His inspiring business model will no doubt serve as a template for other enterprises to flourish,” said Darnell Price Sr.

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