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Boost Your Career at Stratton Equities: Calling All Skilled Mortgage Loan Officers to Join a Thriving Team

Stratton Equities
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As the mortgage sector continues to progress and evolve, Stratton Equities proudly positions itself at the forefront, leading the transformation. As a preeminent nationwide private money and NON-QM mortgage lender, Stratton Equities is on the hunt for skilled Mortgage Loan Officers to become part of their vibrant team. Located in Parsippany, NJ, Stratton Equities provides a remarkable platform for driven professionals eager to carve out a prosperous career in the mortgage domain.

Stratton Equities sets itself apart with its impressive inbound organic daily leads, niche mortgage loan programs, cutting-edge mortgage technology, and extensive management training and support. It stands as a shining beacon of opportunity and professional growth for both seasoned industry veterans and newcomers.

The company profoundly understands the vital role of loan officers in spearheading its success. This understanding is deeply embedded in Stratton Equities‘ ethos, which firmly believes in mutual growth: the success of its loan officers equates to the success of the company. To bring this vision to fruition, Stratton Equities provides several compelling advantages:

At Stratton Equities, Mortgage Loan Officers receive an ample amount of inbound organic daily leads. This proactive customer engagement allows loan officers to concentrate on their fundamental duties instead of searching for clients, resulting in a high conversion rate.

Furthermore, Stratton Equities promises competitive remuneration. Known for its generous compensation plan, first-year earnings at Stratton Equities can potentially range from $110,086.26 to $190,677.36, reflecting the company’s commitment to duly rewarding its team members’ dedication and hard work.

The company also supports its loan officers by providing access to a diverse portfolio of nationwide private money and NON-QM mortgage loan programs. This versatility enables loan officers to cater to a wide variety of client needs, empowering them to frequently offer positive responses to their borrowers.

In addition, Stratton Equities equips its team with an array of resources, from some of the lowest nationwide interest rates in private lending (starting at 6.75%), to a rapid pre-approval process that takes just 24 hours. These tools are designed to simplify the loan application and approval procedures, improving the productivity of loan officers and ensuring client satisfaction.

As Stratton Equities continues to grow rapidly, it encourages a culture of internal promotion, offering abundant opportunities for career advancement. This allows loan officers to regularly face new challenges and expand their professional reach.

Stratton Equities prides itself on cultivating a dynamic and energetic work atmosphere. The company promotes a results-driven setting that encourages creativity and collaboration. Loan officers at Stratton Equities work closely with real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and various borrowers, adding a thrilling aspect to their roles.

Whether you are an accomplished Mortgage Loan Officer seeking a fulfilling new venture, or a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator just starting out in the industry, Stratton Equities offers an exceptional platform to earn an impressive income and leave a lasting imprint.

About Stratton Equities

Stratton Equities, a specialist in niche private money mortgage loan programs, directly collaborates with entrepreneurs, real estate investors, mortgage borrowers, and mortgage and real estate professionals. They are targeting $1.2 billion in closed loan volume annually or $100 million monthly. As part of their 2023 growth strategy, they are expanding their team and recruiting experienced Mortgage Loan Officers.

For additional information about Stratton Equities, please visit their website at If you’re prepared to propel your career forward, apply via their careers website, or forward your resume to Stay up to date with Stratton Equities on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @StrattonEquities, LinkedIn @stratton-equities, and Twitter @Strattonequity. .

Join the Stratton Equities team and set sail on a thrilling voyage in the ever-changing mortgage landscape. A rewarding career awaits you; are you ready to seize the opportunity?

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