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Bored Bigfoot Billionaires and Its Plans to Disrupt the NFT Space with an Exciting Roadmap

The non-fungible token space has seen many collections, artworks, concepts and themes make it to the fore, with most of them embodying well-known and loved characters. These NFTs are designed to evoke emotions and make people get drawn to them for a variety of sentimental reasons. One notable project that has captured hearts and aims to make good on its promising outlook is the Bored Bigfoot Billionaires NFT. The project promises to be an NFT Collection and an exciting roadmap with interesting collections to go along with it.

The Bored Bigfoot Billionaires NFT is a collection of 3,333 unique BigFoot NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. They are unique tokens of remarkable artworks based on the famous Bigfoot character. This has drawn many people, especially whales, to it and established the project as one that is worth looking into. The Bored Bigfoot Billionaires NFT packs an intrinsic artistic value within them, along with the goal of revolutionizing the NFT world with its planned strings of projects and collections.

The project has proven itself by hitting the ground running and selling out its presale. Within an hour, its presale tokens were sold out, and when the tokens were released for public minting, it sold out all 3,333 available Bigfoot or “BBB” tokens. Since then, fulfilling its vision became immediately possible, and the project has ridden on that success wave.

The Bored Bigfoot Billionaires has a robust community of investors and enthusiasts with an incredible passion for disrupting the NFT world. They have worked assiduously behind the scenes to get The Bored Bigfoot Billionaires NFT to a stable floor price and nearly 100 ETH in trading on OpenSea. With no plans to slow down, the creators have also shared plans for a new release of a realistic 3D collection called “Meta Bigfoots” later in January 2021.

Beyond the noteworthy collections in its roadmap, The Bored Bigfoot Billionaires collection is committed to creating a project that can give its holders and members of its community long-term benefits and utility. An exciting giveaway of up to $30,000 is also in the works to reward holders for sticking with the project. As the Metaverse keeps gearing up to be the next big thing in the digital world, there’s no telling the numerous things that can be achieved, ranging from NFT trading platform, NFT brand platform, NFT Influencer platform and other Web 3.0 projects.

The Bored Bigfoot Billionaires NFT is a testament to how unique artwork and an extensive utility plan can make a grandstand in the NFT space. And as this project continues to make a run for success, its token holders and community members are also well-positioned for the thrilling ride it promises.

Learn more about the Bored Bigfoot Billionaires on its official website, Twitter, Instagram, and OpenSea. Also, join in the community discussions through its dedicated Discord server.

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