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Bquate’s Chief Executive Yoly Avalos Explains the Key Strategies That Led to their Global Expansion and Exponential Growth in the B2B Segment

Growing a business is a daunting task. It takes a seasoned entrepreneur to propel an emerging enterprise to the international stage. Yoly Avalos knows this all too well, elevating her brainchild Bquate to greater heights by taking risks, implementing bold strategies, and navigating the industry to finally crack the code that is helping the company scale. 

Yoly Avalos is a serial entrepreneur and intuitive business strategist adept at business development and expansion. Throughout her seasoned career, she has primarily operated in chief executive roles at many successful start-ups delivering promising results since the very early stages of a company. 

Bquate, her most recent business venture, creates integral technology solutions that fuel established music and media companies to scale their businesses, protect their digital assets, improve their business decisions through data and streamline their operations. It powers its customers with the tech infrastructure they need to scale and run key areas of their businesses through seamless integration. 

Bquate offers high-tech products with a very human approach. The team has an unparalleled capacity to foster great relationships with its key customers, making them feel the more collaborative side of business rather than it being just a mere transaction. This approach has solidified Bquate’s place in the B2B segment of the music-tech industry as a trusted partner that truly helps its customers scale with intention rather than just being a typical tech provider. 

The growth of Bquate didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took them a few years to finally build a blueprint for the company’s success which, can be attributed to Yoly Avalos’ leadership, the impeccable execution of the team and important business decisions that have been working extremely well for the brand. 

She cites the key strategies that led to Bquate’s global expansion. One of these key strategies involved pivoting its customer segment from B2C to B2B, which Yoly Avalos states was “not easy, but it was, indeed, the best thing we could have possibly done for the growth of the company and the fulfillment of our team.”

This was an unprecedented move for the company. As a running business with existing customers, Bquate had to leave the old model behind to pursue business growth and serve its customers better. “It was an intense journey, but we truly feel that Bquate is at home in the B2B/Enterprise customer segment. It is what feels right and aligned with the ‘soul of the company’ and is what allows us to provide transformational support to our customers while remaining scalable,” shared the business executive.

With Yoly Avalos and her firebrand leadership, Bquate continued to grow and evolve, constantly finding ways to improve, taking risks with confidence while constantly measuring the pulse of the company and streamlining their product offering with the intention of keeping and developing the business divisions that add the most value to the customers, the company and the stellar teams that run them. 

After all, a leader is only as strong as the people supporting them, which is why a big part of being a leader should be devoted to building a team of experienced and reliable professionals and investing in their growth so that they can become division leaders in their own right. Yoly Avalos focused on building an exceptional team and helping them evolve alongside Bquate as the company adopted a Multi-divisional organizational structure with each division working hand-in-hand towards a common goal.

“Playing chief executive roles and leadership positions also involves focusing on global strategy, product ideation, industry relations, international expansion, strategic partnerships, negotiation and commercial processes and even funding, in the Startup world so, delegation and trust are extremely important and it’s something some leaders and entrepreneurs don’t do early enough or deep enough and, I’m saying that based on my own experience. It was one of my biggest lessons and, fortunately I am currently very good at delegating but, to get to that point it is instrumental having a team you can truly trust,” explained Avalos.

As a result of these strategies, the company experienced the highest growth rate in its history. The growth eventually developed into a seamless digital expansion to established markets such as Asia Pacific (APAC), the company’s fastest-growing market and second-largest market right after the United States. All of which were run from the United States and Latin America. 

These bold business moves truly paid off, helping Bquate get dozens of newly established enterprise-level customers, which has afforded the company to keep consistent exponential growth for the last three years. Furthermore, the success of Bquate goes beyond the company’s seamless global expansion, but also relies in strengthening its liaisons with its global partners.

Since the company’s inception, Bquate became a global and now, preferred partner of YouTube with a dual partnership both for Music and Entertainment, a preferred partner of Spotify, among other incredible global deals with leading digital, social, music and video platforms, as well as digital rights organizations in key markets. 

To keep the fire burning, Bquate kept growing with flow without losing the human approach that the company has been known for. It started innovating with depth rather than with width, which means that instead of creating more products, the company consistently identified, developed and improved the products that would add the most value to its customers, the company and its team. 

Ultimately, through constant iteration, implementing key strategies, taking confident risks, and valuing its exceptional team of individuals, Bquate has found the recipe for the company’s success. “The echo of a great technology solution, a dedicated team, an all-encompassing and scalable product and the acknowledgment of our global partners has allowed us to cross all borders and helped us grow in the B2B segment,” said Yoly Avalos.

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