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Brandon Lawless: Pushing the Boundaries of the Film and Video Industries

In the digital world and the age of social media, a lot of people have grand ideas and extravagant visions. However, only a select few have the chops and expertise to execute these concepts and bring them to life. In the film and video industry, one individual stands out—Brandon Lawless of LawlessMedia.

The industry expert has an extensive list of projects under his belt. He was part of documentaries with ESPN, ABC, McDonald’s, and BET. Additionally, he has taken photos of countless famous artists in hip-hop concerts and festivals. He has also collaborated with major brands such as Deathclub, Hypland, Aquahydrate, and many others.

What makes the Los Angeles-based video and film director and photographer is his impressive dedication to delivering all types of content that clients need. Because of this, he has developed the ability to get anything done. He does not shy away from big ideas, and he will strive to fulfill them and get them done. 

The fearless individual also values the importance of innovation, which is why he is constantly looking for ways to push the limits of creativity. His passion lies in finding new things that look good on videos and photos. 

Due to his openness, he has worked with all kinds of clients from different industries, from music artists to local small businesses. Anyone who has a creative idea and is passionate about the art of creating is welcome to work with the talented man. 

Aside from his remarkable artistry, Brandon Lawless considers his diligence to be what separates him from the rest. He candidly shared, “The one thing that I believe separates me is my work ethic 100%. But I also believe that at the end of the day, in this creative world, there isn’t a competition; I truly believe that it is a community that’s meant to help one another to grow, inspire and help one another. So there is room for everyone to succeed and be great in their own respective field.”

What motivated the visionary to pursue the career is his desire to create amazing stories and capture precious moments. The observant man also realizes the importance of videos and photos in branding, especially with the power of social media. He believes that he can help clients fulfill their creative vision and finds great satisfaction in knowing that he has allowed them to accomplish their goals, whether it is to grow a brand, deliver a powerful message, or just simply make people smile. 

When asked about his plans for the future, Brandon Lawless insightfully replied, “I hope to have a few documentaries and docu-series in circulation and continue to tell stories. I plan to see myself as a recognizable name in this creative community not only for my work but known for giving back to this community that helped me become who I am. I am self-taught mostly, with a little help from film school to touch up some things. I wouldn’t be where I am with this community, the countless DMs I’ve sent to creatives I’ve looked up to who have helped me get here. So I owe it to them and myself to always give back.”

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