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BrokenGirl Unchained Presents: Glowing In The Darkness – A Congressional Hearing scheduled to Shed Light on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse 

On July 14, 2022, Juliet Ramos, mother, multi published award winning author, founder and host of globally ranked mental health podcast BrokenGirl Unchained joins Francisca Amato, mother, CEO of Punished 4 Protecting and nationally recognized child abuse advocate and ADA (American’s Disability Act) expert, will be hosting the event “Glowing In The Darkness.” The event is geared toward addressing Congress about the failed status of our family court system and the vulnerability of children and women in society.

These two powerful women have come together to spark change in the world by leading meaningful conversations that make life better for women and children, who are essential pillars of society. The event tagline, which says, “The only way out of the darkness is to GLOW in the DARKNESS,” will address how the American society is in a national “State of Emergency” with the many crimes being committed against women and children. As the family courts are not doing anything to protect them. The event’s talking points will include domestic violence, child abuse and the impact trauma has on one’s  mental health as well as  hate crimes that are being committed under the color of law. 

At the “Glowing In The Darkness” event, after Juliet Ramos and Francisca Amato have spoken to Congress, there will be the first ever, GLOW in the DARK peaceful protest on the streets of Washington D.C. to express the grievances women feel about having their constitutional rights violated repeatedly. “We are asking women all over the nation to join together as a united front  to stop our constitutional rights from being further violated as we are being targeted and our children being taken away from us. No reform will fix these inhumane crimes against women and children. Our constitution has been designed to protect the people in our beautiful nation from the people within our government. Our constitution supersedes any law that does not fall in compliance. We DEMAND our constitutional rights be reserved as every woman and child  are at risk and unsafe” Juliet said.

Glowing In The Darkness was inspired by Juliet, founder of the top 10 global mental health podcast titled BrokenGirl Unchained. Juliet joins forces with nationally known ADA (American Disability Act) expert,  Francisca Amoto with Punished 4 Protecting. These two inspirational mothers share in the same inhumane experience, losing custody of their children to their well documented abusive ex’s . Both mothers were punished for protectIng their children. In Juliet’s words, “My county (county of Stanislaus)  has been on legal notice. California Family Court Judge Jack Jacobson, State Attorney General Rob Bonta, Governor Gavin Newsom and others have been served with a Notice of Liability. However, crimes are still being committed. These people are all aware that my children are unsafe, and my children are STILL being left with their [convicted felon] father as well as being concealed. I have no history of violence, drugs or alcohol for my children to be unlawfully taken on ex partè orders . In addition to my suffering, a fellow protective mother and I are experiencing the most horrific hate crimes under the color of law.  We have been forced to speak out regarding the true nature of these events. Judicial officers and public officials are causing incredible amounts of trauma on two domestic violence victims. Carolyn Schaupp is a protective parent that I have been closely documenting and monitoring as she is being maliciously prosecuted for a crime she did not commit nor has she seen her children in 6yrs. Her children were given to a convicted felon with known child porn charges THIS IS SO COMMON AND IS A PROBLEM IN OUR COURTS. Carolyn is a well respected nurse with no history of drugs or alcohol. Same as my own story- involving the same sinister people in my case. Coincidence? Not by chance. This is a pattern of theirs as well as a consistent playbook as my team and I have investigated in other high profile cases . My investigation team is so goo that we have uncovered my local judge, one attorney, and a laundry list of Modesto Police Officers committing hate crimes against Carolyn and I. They’re working out of their private capacities. We can prove it and we look forward to our day in court where justice will finally be served. I do believe there are good people within our government . I do believe in law and order” 

Juliet adds “We are now forced to go public regarding these crimes when our children and ourselves should have been protected. As of today,  our children are NOT protected and our tax paying money as well as government funding are being wasted to terrorize us. The question remains for Francesca, Carolyn and I , where is all the government funding going if our children are being left in substantiated unsafe environments and concealed as retaliation by these abusive father with the courts knowledge? We had a beautiful life before any of this happened . Now there’s layers of trauma that will take years to recover from.  We will never be the same. See, this isn’t just about our own  children or just  our lives. Francisca and I are speaking to congress to give every domestic violence victim and their children a voice to be heard . These poor children are forced to live everyday without their primary attachment. They are forced to live with  scars they may never recover from. We’re truly suffering nationwide. So it’s time to be united in our nation under GOD and GLOW. From Washington D.C to your local neighborhood. Let’s show our nation the importance and family values. You can have  a block party with your children, friends and family. Don’t forget your signs and glow sticks. It will be fun . “ Juliet says. 

Passionate about children and their living conditions all over the United States, Francesca said: “As a national Expert and Advocate (and best-selling author with years of experience) that the Family Court has been destroying women and children for many decades, children’s lives are never the same again. This is a health and safety issue and a prevalent issue in America’s welfare, as these children grow up to be adults that go into society without the proper mother-child bonding and lasting relationship of protection and safety, which is known to set them up for failure in the future.”

The event will feature invited professionals, speakers and hopeful celebrities to join these two powerhouses as they speak to congress .  Lots of glow in the dark signs with their events staples in this momentum movement. Those will address Congress’s failures of our nation’s family court system. The event aims to ensure all women and children are safe as it is our fundamental right as US Citizens to live ABUSE FREE. It is important for everyone to be heard, validated and protected. Guest speakers will discuss these crucial matters facing families and cover solutions, with hopeful expectations that Congress will implement the necessary changes immediately. 

Find more information about “GLOWING in the DARKNESS“ event sponsored by BrokenGirl Unchained and Punished 4 Protecting please go to or follow BrokenGirl Unchained on Instagram @BrokenGirlUnchainedPodcast & Facebook on @Broken Girl Unchained. 

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