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Brother of Color: Digital Content Creator Changing Perception through Quality Family-Friendly Content

In the decades before now, the world revered professionals and white collared professions like Medical Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers. However, a paradigm shift in the world’s communication infrastructure and technology in the last two decades meant that individuals without college degrees and certification shape the nature and direction of conversation on the digital space and the internet. The shift became more prominent in the past decade because unskilled individuals changed the narratives. Skilled individuals and professionals have embraced the application and use of these communication technologies to stay ahead and innovate in their respective industries.

Among the individuals  who have benefited immensely from the digital era is San Diego-born and raised Paris Kinsey, an industry veteran and a legendary content creator who has reinvented himself over time across platforms and currently ruling Tik Tok as Brother of Color. Although content creation for Pat began as a hobby resulting from his love for filming and capturing moments, at inception, he never envisaged the level of reaction, followership and influence he has amassed over time.

Brotherofcolor’s content creation journey took a different turn after posting a clip of him and his sister. After losing a bet, the video showed him handing cash over to his sister. The clip, which went viral almost instantly, reached millions of social media users and even got reposts by celebrities. He hasn’t looked back from there, as his platform only grew

Like many content creators, Brother of Color relies on his comedic skills, although he is known  to post music content on his feed on occasions. However, he believes that his followers follow him due to the uniqueness of his content. “I really try to create content that the viewer can connect to and enjoy while being educated and entertained at the same time,” explained the content creator. He is also known to enjoy diverse followerships stemming from people who enjoy his content which  has been described severally as enjoyable and family-friendly for both children and adults. 

The content creation space and social media platforms remain grossly unregulated, and thus, no  single user enjoys any form of monopoly, therefore leaving room for competition. However, despite how congested the content creation space is, Brother of Color is able to set himself apart from his peers with his hard work, perseverance, and consistency in creating enjoyable content. Describing  how he has managed to consistently create diverse content for all kinds of audiences, “Every piece of content I’ve created, I enjoyed the process – and even without the success that I’ve had, I would still do it because I truly love what I do.”

Although he has already amassed a strong following, Brother of Color hopes to expand his horizons and have his name and works known worldwide. With a burning passion for his craft the content creator hopes to have more people discover his brand and see what he has to offer. Additionally, he hopes to elevate his career and hop into the big screen with roles in movies and TV shows.

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