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Bryce Taylor Is a Rising Real Estate Agent on a Mission to Raise New Industry Leaders

At the young age of 19, rising real estate agent Bryce Taylor already sees himself raising new and driven industry leaders in the future as his way of paying back all the mentorship he has enjoyed, which is currently empowering him to be one of the most promising agents in the business. He is looking forward to training and educating teens on how to maintain the proper mindset that will allow them to excel in the industry, despite the many obstacles that they will potentially encounter along the way.

The New York-based licensed real estate agent was so motivated to pursue a career in the real estate industry that it only took him one month and a half to finish getting his license. Normally, it takes people four months to finish the entire course. He has always been drawn to real estate because of his outgoing personality. He was convinced that he would shine in the business after growing up watching popular TV shows on real estates, such as Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listings

“Unlike other real estate agents, money doesn’t play a huge role in why I decided to become an agent,” Bryce Taylor shares. “For me, it’s more about helping people of different backgrounds find a place to call home or helping someone sell their home. Overall, just getting the chance to connect with all these people is amazing and brings me joy. This causes me to be really invested in fulfilling my clients’ needs no matter what,” he concludes. 

Bryce Taylor has always been known for his compassionate nature. He has always enjoyed giving back to the community and participating in initiatives that impact other people positively, including helping out at homeless shelters, park clean-ups, toy drives, and going out to exercise his voting rights. Bringing this attribute as he builds his real estate career makes him stand out as he shows genuine care to his clients. He does not see his clients as moneybags. He sees them as ordinary people who are looking for the perfect house to call home. 

Before deciding to go full-time in the real estate industry, Bryce Taylor also showed interest in the practice of law. He attended several law programs at Columbia University and New York Law to get a feel of things. In the end, however, he realized that practicing law is not what he is called to do. 

Pouring all his energy and creativity into his chosen career path allows him to connect with his clients in a meaningful way. Mostly, his clients love that Taylor goes out of his way to help them. When he sets his mind to making a difference in the lives of his clients, he does not stop until their needs are met. 

In the next few years, Bryce Taylor envisions himself becoming a successful real estate agent with a massive client database. By working excellently in this season in his life, he knows that success will be within his reach. Sharing the same possibilities with others is something that he wants to continue doing in the future to help people achieve their dreams and experience financial stability. Confident that his Corcoran training will take him further in his career, Taylor has nothing but positive thoughts about his future and that of the people who will train under him. 

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