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Fishing Beyond Limits: Chris Bumstead’s Amazing Experience with BlacktipH

Chris Bumstead
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From bodybuilding to fishing, Chris Bumstead has proven that he can excel in different arenas. The four-time Classic Physique Champion in Mr. Olympia always had an interest in catching giant fish, but it wasn’t until he got the call from Jake Jorgensen from BlacktipH that he finally got the chance to make it happen.

Despite the windy conditions that forced them to move inshore, the fishing trip proved to be an exhilarating experience for Chris and his family. He wore and supported the BlacktipH brand and gear, proving that if a four-time Classic Physique Champ can fit in their gear, anyone can.

Josh and Jake Jorgensen, the brothers behind BlacktipH, have a huge passion for fishing in both saltwater and freshwater. They took Chris on an adventure of a lifetime, hooking him up to giant Goliath Groupers and Bull Sharks.

For Chris, who had only caught a Bass before, the power of these fish was an eye-opener. “It was a must-do in his life and an amazing experience to feel the power of these animals that Jake Jorgensen hooked him up to,” he said.

Jake Jorgensen challenged Chris to fish Strongman style, a technique that requires the angler to prevent the rod from touching the gunnel, using all their core, legs, and muscles. The bait was even bigger than the biggest fish Chris had ever caught. Davis Bennett, who films and edits for BlacktipH, captured everything from the moment Chris hooked up to the moment he was shocked by what he pulled out of the water. Calvin Youttitham was out filming for Chris Bumstead. Calvin has been filming for Cbum for five years. 

The BlacktipH team filmed the adventure, and the video has since gone viral, with over one million views on YouTube and over 10.5 million views on Instagram reels. Chris’s family, including his mom, dad, and fiancé Courtney, were there to witness the moment.

Josh Jorgensen, who was going through chemo at the time, met them back at the dock to congratulate Chris. The synergy between Jake and Chris was evident, and everyone was living through the moment when they hooked up to giant fish.

Chris Bumstead quotes:

My experience going out fishing with BlackTipH was really awesome! I wasn’t too sure what to expect, considering it wasn’t your typical day of fishing; however, the whole experience in itself was super cool. I would never have thought that one day, I would be going head to head with a Goliath Grouper, nearly sweeping me off my feet and then, in the next hour, landing a Shark on the shore. Definitely one of the most eventful days I’ve had in a long time, and being able to spend it with my family and my fiance really tied the whole day together for an all-around great time. The whole team from BlackTipH made everything seem super easy, and they walked me through every step of the way like real pros in their game. I look forward to going out with them again in the near future, and hopefully, this time, we can actually eat what we catch!”

For Chris, this fishing trip was just the beginning. He is excited to get out with the BlacktipH team again in the near future and explore more of what the ocean has to offer. Who knows, maybe he’ll even catch a fish bigger than he ever imagined.

Check out the BlacktipH channel to see some of the most exciting fishing videos ever created with some of the most popular bodybuilders such as Blessing Awodibu, Layne Norton, Juji (Jon Call), Devon Larratt, Stefi Cohen, Sarah Backman, Kristen Nun just to name a few.  


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