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Calcium4Bones NFT Ushering Holders into a World of Endless Applications and Utilities

The NFT world has seen numerous projects promising different benefits and perks. For newbies and aspiring enthusiasts, all of that can be overwhelming, but there’s a new project breaking the barriers of entry and providing a strong digital community to help newbies get the hang of the digital NFT world. Calcium4Bones is that new project on the Ethereum project, designed for use in numerous innovative applications in gaming, finance, internet services, advertising, identity management, and supply change management.

Calcium4Bones is a massive collection of 11,155 unique bones with over 300 hand-drawn traits, promising one of the most rewarding and varied collections in the digital world. Apart from the incredible artwork that the Calcium4Bones NFT collection offers, holders also stand a chance to access rewards, ownership royalties, and an ambitious roadmap that offers numerous giveaways and benefits. Each Bone comes with its unique rarity distributed across six tiers. After the Bones are revealed on February 11, 2022, holders will access rarity tools to monitor their NFT’s rarity. 

There is a passionate team of creators behind Calcium4Bones who all aim to create a project that adds value to digital enthusiasts and cryptocurrency investors. In addition, they hope to connect with crypto enthusiasts who have been in the ecosystem for some time and collectors who value art and the brilliance behind NFT. Calcium4Bones as a collection creates a pathway to multiple applications and utilities such as Play-2-Earn games, upgraded art pieces, side collections, animations and many other utilities. The founders’ ultimate goal is to make the mints valuable enough to enrich their community while creating a narrative that matches their goals.

The digital space has become a home to creators looking to create innovation that can benefit as many people as possible globally. While many projects have gotten into this space and failed, Calcium4Bones NFT is marching triumphantly towards success and serving as proof that the digital space is a haven of possibilities and innovation. Even though NFT is an emerging technology, it has made significant waves in the past year. As a result, artists have gotten the chance to express themselves and provide long-time value to investors.

The pre-sale of Calcium4Bones NFTs will be on February 7, 2022, while the main sale will hold the next day on February 8, with each bone costing 0.055 ETH, including gas fees. The big reveal will occur three days later, on February 11, to mark the beginning of a landmark project in the cryptocurrency world. Holders who wish to join the whitelist stand a better chance of getting on it by joining the online Discord community.

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