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Will NFTs Become Part of Entertainment Culture?

NFTs have become one of the hottest topics tied to decentralized finance and blockchain. Back in 2020, NFTs became one of the most-covered concepts by analysts working in a variety of sectors. In particular, art and finance were expected to evolve thanks to the emergence and trading of NFTs. 

Since then, uncertainty has surrounded NFTs. The first applications of NFTs had little to do with art and finance, specifically. Instead, NFTs provided a brand new way of collecting digital assets. Most of these were tied to art, like CryptoKitties and CryptoPunk art. And they did use blockchain to run on, which tied NFTs to cryptocurrency.

However, CryptoKitties and the like weren’t actually revolutionizing life for the average artist. Nor were they interrupting the usual state of finance. The most successful public project came from the NBA and Dapper Labs’ TopShot marketplace, which has since plummeted in terms of value since skyrocketing in early 2021.

Looking forward, how will NFTs become part of the entertainment industry—beyond early forecasts related to art and finance? Let’s explore emerging applications for NFTs in 2023.

A Variety of Uses in Gaming

If there’s one entertainment sector that’s ready to onboard NFTs, it’s gaming. In the US, in particular, the rise of online casinos has created a large market where NFTs could potentially explode in usage and popularity. At the moment, promo codes from WynnBET and other leading platforms can be used for standard games like slots, blackjack, and roulette.

However, NFTs could become a part of this digital gaming arena. For example, NFTs could be used as in-game assets and payouts rather than real money. They could be kept or traded when it’s time to withdraw. Similarly, NFTs could be offered to VIP players as part of a rewards program. 

The same goes for the broader video game sector—and even mobile games. Let’s cover another example tied to the fashion industry. Luxury brand Louis Vuitton released a mobile app, which is a game that rewards players with NFTs. These NFTs can then be exchanged for in-store goods and other offers.

A Case for NFT-Art

Let’s loop back to one of the original use cases for NFTs. They were apparently going to revolutionize how artists create, market, and profit from their work. But with so much technical finesse behind NFTs, blockchain, and crypto, not many artists found it accessible. In fact, NFTs and art quickly proved non-compatible for the average creator. 

But could this change in 2023? For now, one of the biggest challenges is learning how to adapt physical artwork into an NFT. After all, a very limited number of artists around the world use a totally digital setup and medium. But with more minds now figuring out how to connect physical projects to NFTs, this could change rapidly.


Evolving Event Organization & Smart Contracts

The most promising case for NFTs influencing entertainment is through one of its most mundane facets: event organization. Though not nearly as flashy as NFT art projects or an NFT slot game, it’s certainly the most applicable—and is already being used today by various companies to streamline and optimize their event organization.

That’s because NFTs can be used to help guests, organizers, and artists. From a visitor perspective, an NFT can be used as a ticket for entrance and can then be a digital asset that helps them pay for merchandising and food and beverage. No more credit cards or cash needed. 

From an organizer’s perspective, exchanging digital currencies simplifies the process of allocating funds. All the revenue earned from sales goes into a single pool and is then distributed evenly (through automation) to all employees. All an organizer has to do is set input protocol for these allocations—the rest takes care of itself.

Lastly, from a performer’s perspective, NFTs can be used to create unique memorabilia and merchandise for fans. It can even be used to offer something exclusive for VIP members, which could be specific to that event. Going forward, NFTs are slated to become an increasingly important facet of event organization

Bad Astro Society NFT Offering Space Travel on a Platter for Its Holders

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been the easiest way for some people to do a few things they have always dreamed of. Bad Astro Society NFT is the newest NFT collection offering its holders perks and benefits otherwise reserved for the super-rich.

Bad Astro Society is based on the concept of space travel, and it promises holders the opportunity to travel to space by 2030. Its website states, “There are only six to eight seats on a rocket. We plan to buy all the Bad Astros a ticket to space by 2030, locking in all the seats for space travel for years to come. If the rich want a ticket, they will have to buy a Bad Astro from one of our members.”

Each of the art pieces in the Bad Astro Society collection serves as a club membership to the Bad Astro Society, a community of fun lovers and go-getters. The community will organize events, sell merchandise items and work with brands to bring its goal to life. With 10,000 pieces of the NFT available, all the members of the community stand a chance to get a ticket to real-life outer space in a few years. “We want to use the NFT and crypto market to work for the members rather than just the founders,” the team behind the project said.

The art features over 150 hand-drawn traits, with each character depicting an astronaut wearing one of four different types of astronaut suits with an array of different colors and patterns, such as Regular Astro Suit, Pimp Suit, Hoodie, and Gorilla. The goal of the collection is to give people a mindset shift that tells them they can own their future regardless of their current circumstances. And even though space travel seems reserved for only a few at the moment, Bad Astro Society NFT offers the chance to make it into space soon. “With many companies competing for business, the price of space travel will decrease. Regardless of future partnerships, we’ll need to have the money ready to go when it comes time to launch. The good news is, that’s just money, and money isn’t rocket science. In fact, it gravitates toward societies just like ours,” the official website said.

Other than travel to space, benefits for holders include access to The Bad Astro Station, future airdrops and automatic benefits for all future projects, Bad Astro Merch, admission to all Bad Astro +1 Events starting this holiday season, and ownership/commercial rights to the Bad Astro Society brand.

The target audience for the project includes people who are savvy enough with tech and already understand the process of investing in NFTs. And with the growing presence on social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, Bad Astro Society is confident that many people will buy into the project. 

“There are currently no other projects out there claiming to send all of its NFT holders to real-life outer space. We can’t find any other NFT project that is using the crypto and NFT markets to benefit their holders to this degree. As for the art, it speaks for itself. Bad Astros have a great time doing what they want,” the team behind the project said.

Doxxed Co Expands the Horizons of the NFT Realm by Providing Real-World Experience

The rapidly changing times have led various industries to become more pressed to embrace innovative developments that would generate real-life utilities for people around the world. Moreover, with how competitive the world has become, numerous businesses and ventures are now stepping up their game to stay afloat in a sea of contenders in the saturated digital space. But an emerging entity by the name of Doxxed Co has managed to cement a solid stance across the trade for establishing a project unlike any other.

Widely recognized for introducing various initiatives across the world of NFTs, Doxxed Co is an emerging household name in the Blockchain NFT realm that has established an excellent standing for its innovative solutions and revolutionary experience. While thousands of entities across the digital space are more focused on selling digital “profile picture” art, this power player provides a relatively new experience that has the capacity to shake up industries. Backed by several real estate opportunities and utilities, Doxxed Co opens a new era of NFTs, offering various benefits to its holders across the online realm.

Established by a passionate and strategic team with over 60 years of combined experience in real estate, hospitality, and entertainment, Doxxed Co is an international mega-mansion network that utilizes NFTs as a vehicle of membership on the ethereum blockchain. It provides a wide array of benefits and opportunities that enable holders to gain new experiences in a highly competitive and ever-evolving trade. From offering high-end real estate to opening an exclusive membership club, this emerging entity is setting the standard high, providing an initiative unlike any other project in the digital space.

Every holder of Doxxed Co gains access to real-world utilities, most particularly real estate. In this day and age where real estate is becoming one of the most coveted assets to own, it has become more imperative for new establishments like this innovative entity to think ahead. On top of that, Doxxed Co also offers experiences, such as real-life art exhibitions, galas, celebrity performances, concerts, and more.

Although these stellar offerings already speak volumes of Doxxed Co’s capabilities in the modern world, it continues to make waves by providing a play-to-earn experience. As a result, holders across the digital space can utilize their NFTs in order to earn income – offering an avenue for go-getters to improve their financial status and go beyond.

“Doxxed Co will set the standard for tier-one gatherings in the blockchain community. NFT holders will soon participate in a wide array of compelling activities and exclusive experiences,” shared a representative of the project.

As can be gleaned from Doxxed Co’s accomplishments, it is clear that this is only the beginning. The trailblazing project has much to offer, aiming to expand the horizons of the digital space through real estate, hospitality, and experience. With more remarkable projects on the way, it hopes to successfully go beyond the barriers and give holders more opportunities where they can experience real-world utilities in a unique and highly distinctive way.

JetSet’s Paper Boyz Collaborates With Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile Animators for Nostalgic NFT Project by NFTMagazine

The NFT industry continues to grow, and among its front-running NFT development platforms and companies is On top of providing the NFT community with the latest news and NFT alpha updates, is the creator of the highly-anticipated Paper Boyz NFT collection, a project developed in collaboration with acclaimed Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile animation producers, making it one of the most nostalgic and sought after drop for 2022. 

Paper Boyz is a collection of 3,650 assets bound to live on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is set to reach collectors on July 1st. Less than two weeks until its launch, the iconic project is already generating quite the buzz in the industry, garnering a large following in a short amount of time through promotions on Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Instagram. In addition, the community has gained over 10,000 pre-mint addresses within three days after dropping the link and even before running promotions, with the majority of users saying they became interested after hearing about the project through word-of-mouth promotions and organic traffic. Furthermore, the project’s Discord server is also growing by the thousands after a couple of weeks. The creators account for the credibility and talent of their partner animation producers to contribute greatly to the project’s popularity. 

Lead animation artist Edgar Vehbiu is determined to present NFT enthusiasts with nostalgic animated art. Vehbiu, who has worked on well-known apps and mobile games, has harnessed over one billion downloads, making his art household commodities. 

Besides partnering with the animation producers of Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile, Paper Boyz also teamed up with the artists and founders of GOAT Society and Principles LLC advisors to bring the project to life. 

The Paper Boyz project presents a collection of OG hustlers, solopreneurs, and business executives who constantly feel left behind by the rest of their peers. It highlights those who want to extract NFT alpha from the rest of the projects currently available on the market. The collection is also designed for builders who want to out-innovate their competition and degens looking for the best NFT project to invest in. 

Paper Boyz NFT acts as a free multi-NFT claim pass and re-sellable membership, giving holders lifetime access to its Discord community with instant whale alerts, software bots, recommendations, and daily briefings on the NFT marketplace. 

Holders of Paper Boys NFT will have access to the highly-anticipated NFTMag Con 2022, an event to be hosted by as the world’s largest invite-only NFT conference to take place this October in Miami. Anticipated to have over 4,000 attendees across the globe, NFTMag Con 2022 is set to topple other gatherings hosted around NFTs. The event will also feature over 40 speakers, including NFT founders, high-level entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, sales trainers, and some of the best motivational speakers on the scene. founder, JetSetFly, has created many fast-growing internet brands and has created a significant mark in the NFT industry through the platform. The 24-year-old college dropout has built a name for himself after establishing dozens of e-commerce brands, software, events, and info-product business over the last six years, gaining over $20 million in online sales, with $10 million coming from selling out NFT collections in 2021. Paper Boyz marks yet another milestone in his career, paving the way for many more NFT projects from in the future. 

What Makes Lions Not Sheep’s Latest Super Rare Collection Larger than Any Other NFT Project 

Business partners and Lions Not Sheep non-fungible token (NFT) co-founders Sean Whalen and Greg W Anderson are taking matters into their own hands. The powerful duo does not leave anything to chance when it concerns anything freedom-based. They recently revealed that their newly launched NFT project would be introducing a super rare collection that will feature FJB attributes, something that a lot of people will find controversial but many others will welcome openly. At a time in America’s history when the free community continues to be under threat, Sean and Greg, along with their ever-growing supporters, are making bolder statements to preserve what they believe will be a valuable legacy to future generations. 

“Those that lead the NFT space today will help craft what our children and grandchildren are exposed to over the next 20-plus years. We refuse to leave our future up to chance, or even worse, allow big techs to have the only voice,” the business partners pointed out. “Right now, it’s urgent, and we need to band together more than ever,” Sean added. 

The recent revelation came as a surprise to many digital art collectors, investors, and NFT enthusiasts. If anything, it is worth noting that Lions Not Sheep is the first NFT to introduce an FJB super rare collection that many free community supporters feel is worth pursuing. While Sean and Greg understand that the FJB movement may seem like a bitter pill to swallow for many Americans today, countless others believe it is important to make a stand. And this is exactly what Sean and Greg are doing – being the voice of a movement that needs to be heard. 

“I think this will appeal to a lot of people, and I think it’ll be obviously noteworthy enough conversation. On top of just the NFT conversation that ‘Hey there’s this group of guys, there are these people who tried this movement that you know, knows that there would probably be a lot of people who would buy the NFT, but they wouldn’t because of the FJB,’” Sean pointed out.

Sean has always been well-known for his no-nonsense stand when it comes to preserving America’s free community. Before creating the Lions Not Sheep token community, he established an apparel company featuring statement shirts that Americans cannot get enough of. During the pandemic, Sean proved he has what it takes to take his business to the next level. While so many companies were closing left and right due to the pandemic, he managed to preserve his business and scale it significantly. 

People started to approach Sean for advice on starting their own businesses. Seeing a rare opportunity to positively impact other people’s lives, Sean created the Lion’s Den, a private coaching and networking group. With his guidance, he has seen remarkable successes among his 3,000 members, which motivated him to come up with a new venture – the Lions Not Sheep NFT. 

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Sean is also an author, successfully selling more than 800,000 copies of his book. His YouTube videos have also generated a whopping one billion views. His partnership with Greg, who is widely known as “The Architect,” has added immense value to Sean’s work. Together, they are undeniably a powerful force to be reckoned with.

The future is now: Orbis Academy leads and educates the public on cryptocurrency

The world is becoming more digital. People worldwide are working, shopping, taking online college courses, and socializing with friends and family digitally. In our digital world, secure transactions are more important than ever before. Business owners, individuals, and investors are more concerned with ensuring their financial transactions are hacker-proof. Online transactions are a convenience for millions of people. However, more ways are needed to safely conduct business and personal transactions online without worrying about fraud.

What Is Cryptocurrency and How Does It Work?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that uses blockchain technology. A blockchain is a digital-style platform that’s decentralized and not controlled by any financial institution or government. The technology uses cryptography and algorithms, making it difficult to hack or alter. The blockchain keeps records of transactions maintained by a computer network. Each user has a private key associated with their crypto. A user can manage investments and sign transactions that transfer the value of the currency to the new owner.

A transaction is signed like an email and sent to the network for verification. All transactions are public and are available on the blockchain. Every transaction is traceable to the point where the currency was mined or produced. Blockchain technology stores all the information where it’s secure and virtually immune to hacking. 

Currently, there are 300 million people globally. The top ten cryptocurrencies comprise more than 80 percent of the market. In 2021, confidence in cryptocurrency was close to 100 percent. More than 200 exchanges buy and sell crypto, and there are more than 12,000 kinds of cryptocurrency. With more people than ever expressing interest in cryptocurrency, it’s essential to understand how the currencies work to benefit from the technology.

Cryptocurrency and Digital Education

More and more companies are getting involved with crypto. Is now the time to start learning about digital currencies? Educational programs on cryptocurrency are invaluable to new and longtime investors. Many companies are offering online education to help new and experienced investors on investing in cryptocurrency. Education about blockchain technology is minimal. Since cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream, companies are offering education about how the process works.

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the global monetary systems due to the user network that’s expanding and how easy it is to handle secure transactions. However, you should educate yourself before you dive in. Online resources can teach you the fundamentals of buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency.

Orbis Academy can help kickstart the crypto education journey. They believe that blockchain is getting bigger, and people should be educated about how these systems operate. There are many online tools that help investors get started. Nevertheless, it’s essential to be educated about how blockchain works and wise ways to invest. Their education platform has tools to assist with business planning, leadership, and team development. In addition, you’ll have the tools you need to understand various cryptocurrencies.

Whether you’re interested in investing savings in cryptocurrency or want to learn more before buying crypto, you should learn as much as possible before making any investments. Here are some interesting facts about crypto.

Currently, there are 300 million people globally. The top ten cryptocurrencies comprise more than 80 percent of the market. In 2021, confidence in cryptocurrency was close to 100 percent. More than 200 exchanges buy and sell crypto, and there are more than 12,000 kinds of cryptocurrency, so do your research.

Humans and Cannabis: The High Society NFT Project Showcases Pop Culture and Positive Vibe

The NFT industry continues to grow today despite claims of its market crash. But creators remain optimistic that NFTs will remain one of the best forms of artistic expression and a way to bring people deeper into the Web3 environment. The NFT space has been dominated by animal characters, with various collections launching art inspired by apes, dogs, and even monkeys. The High Society aims to change the narrative by launching a collection inspired by humans, saying it is high time for humans to take the stage while simultaneously highlighting a culturally-relevant icon: cannabis.

The High Society project was made possible because the creators saw a massive gap in the NFT space that needed to be filled. Although projects inspired by animals and material stuff have been massive hits, the creators feel that the industry lacked a genuine homage to humans and everything that makes them special. The collection showcases humans in the metaverse and how, as a society, they have evolved to digital times. No funny animal characters, just humans being highlighted as a race that advanced into the new digital frontier.

In addition, The High Society is highlighting a part of human pop culture that is highly appreciated today–cannabis. The goal is to erase the stigma surrounding the cannabis community, amplifying that it has united people of different races and colors from around the world.

“Let’s lift each other up. Light up, enjoy the vibes, and most importantly of all, welcome, to The High Society,” the founders said. “The High Society is a social club with ongoing projects that will be released further along with its development. The art is a human face wrapped around a cannabis bong located inside a prominent lounge. The collection will include variations and derivatives of celebrities and the world’s most prominent features,” they added. 

The High Society is the brainchild of two visionary entrepreneurs who formerly made massive impacts in Silicon Valley. With vast experiences in some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley, including Tesla, the partners leverage their knowledge to create something the market has never seen before. The creators love surrounding themselves with equally hard-working talents and team members who also value critical thinking and problem-solving. Together, the founders are impacting not only the industry but also their internal circle of professionals as they give them an avenue to fully utilize their capacities.

“Our mission is always to bring something to your living room you can enjoy, share with your friends, and truly be part of what The High Society is. More than art, our mission is to bring positive vibes to you and those around you, here in the world and equally as in the metaverse,” the creators explained.

The High Society NFT project will be releasing its 2D and 3D artworks on June 17th. Mint price will be at 1 ETH. The creators also revealed that they would be hosting a whitelist sale and giveaways in the future. Furthermore, they will be hosting epic parties for their community to which holders will gain exclusive access. 

From Zero to Hero, Joey Sendz Dominates the NFT World at 20 Years Old

The NFT industry has given people from different walks of life incredible life-changing opportunities. The world has drastically shifted over the past few years, and long-lasting success is at the tip of our fingers. We just know when to recognize a golden opportunity when it falls under our lap. 20-year-old Joey Sendz is among the many crypto millionaires that have made it big thanks to the emerging blockchain technology, and he has made it his mission to help others succeed just like he has.

After dropping out of college, Joey Sendz ventured from Minnesota to Arizona. It was a giant leap of fate, as he had to leave his comfortable home with friends and family to explore a new environment. Being in a new environment with a bunch of strangers forced Joey to adapt, but this eventually led him to discover his true potential.

He began by initiating conversations with strangers and eventually found his way to the circle of friends of his current business partner, TheBlondeJon. Throughout this formative experience, Joey Sendz has done just about everything from door-to-door sales, crypto trading, and social media influencing to now launching NFTs.

Nowadays, Joey Sendz has become the co-founder of multiple successful business ventures. The firebrand entrepreneur is best known for Junior Punks and The former is an NFT project consisting of 5,555 procedurally generated pixel art NFTs housed on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The ultimate goal of Junior Punks is to provide holders with as much learning and educational value as possible. Through the project, Joey hosts AMAs with celebrities, public figures, distinguished entrepreneurs, and other knowledgeable people from a wide variety of industries. He also hosts masterminds, releases video content tackling various strategies, and has an alpha chat team and community where people can freely exchange ideas.

“In the good times in the market, we help people take massive profits, and in the downtimes, we help them maneuver with ease,” shared Joey. “When we were launching our NFT project, we had to win the trust of thousands of people, not only to support us but to trust us with their money. Being two 20-year-olds, we had to go the extra mile to not only prove that we were smart, confident, and competent but also to command respect. Investors needed to know that we would be able to handle ourselves in large-scale business situations, that we could be trusted with millions of dollars to create some amazing things,” he added. 

Meanwhile, is yet another educational avenue for all things Web3. The esteemed brand is the pioneer platform for providing fully NFT-centered articles. “This will make a massive impact on the space because of how mainstream it is becoming. There are so many different sectors within Web3 now, and it’s hard for the average investor to keep up with all of the news without having their eyes glued to Twitter for 16 hours a day,” he said. “ has both an accompanying NFT project Paper Boyz, as well as a subscription-based Discord where holders get access to tons of tools, chats, and educational information to 10x their trading results.”

Joey Sendz has definitely come a long way from his humble beginnings. Through his relentless passion and unrivaled determination, he has built himself into a powerhouse in the business industry. He went from having zero assets to now earning multi-million dollars per year, and it’s extremely exciting what the young maverick is about to do next.

NFT Project Lions Not Sheep Donates Mint Revenue to Military Veteran Programs

Lions Not Sheep NFT is an NFT project that metaverse enthusiasts should observe actively over the next few months. It’s a project with a foundation of getting people’s houses in order and aligning with those that feel the same. This NFT is a ticket to one of the largest communities in the world, Lions Not Sheep. 

“We teach people about physicality and body, wealth management, creation and marketing, meditation and clear consciousness, clear programming, and even relationships,” says one of the co-founders. Lions Not Sheep had a grassroots start in 2014 with a single tee shirt printed by Sean Whalen that he wore to wake people up to the fact that it was time to stop blindly following the news and media channels. Within days requests started flooding in asking to buy one.  

Back in 2016, people started asking him if he would coach them in their business and personal lives. From this, the Lion’s Den was born, which is Sean’s private coaching and networking group. To date, the Lion’s Den has 3,000 members, and the Monthly Membership fee is $297. This is not just some cheap Facebook Group. The Den has become a premium networking and personal growth group for both men and women, it only opens its doors to new members a few times per year. 

Greg W Anderson is also known as “the Architect” for restructuring several businesses building over 92 company’s systems or platforms. Joining Sean in this journey as CTO of Lions Not Sheep, they more than doubled the size of Lion’s Den through engineering better systems.

The Lions Not Sheep train has left the station with a ton of momentum and they are inviting avid NFT fans to hop aboard to enjoy the ride with them. This amazing NFT project is launching its Play to Earn Video game inside the NFT world ecosystem. The community and their ecosystem are influenced by their utility called Do Good Initiative where one percent of their mint revenue goes directly to military veteran programs. 

Entering successfully into the market today is like entering the Internet game in the 90s. Those individuals and companies crafted the reality they live in today. Those that lead the NFT space today, will help craft what the next generation is exposed to over the next 20 years and more. 

With an already successful brand, founders with a long-term vision, a built-in community, with lots of love and support from their friends, they have been able to skip the wildly expensive marketing campaigns which normally eat up massive chunks of the mint revenue. This allows them to focus on utility and giving value back to the community. 

Lion Not Sheep NFT has a lot of core utilities that are included in their project but their most prized one is “The Freeman’s World’s Fair”. In mid-2023, Lions Not Sheep will host the FreeMan World’s Fair. This in-person and Metaverse-live-streamed event will become the pinnacle event promoting all things freedom-based. 

Simply put, if one combines a music festival, a gun show, a boat, a car, and a motorcycle show, with the best companies, amazing speakers, and Freedom all wrapped up into a two-day even. A Lions Not Sheep NFT as it is an entrance ticket for the next three years. Every NFT is unique and stands for Freedom and is designed for the times people are living in right now. As the community grows, the value of the NFT grows which directly impacts the holders as they can choose to sell their NFT at a profit.

How Internet Marketing Pioneer JetSetFly Built His Personal Brand From the Ground Up

Success can be found in the most unexpected places. The world’s most prominent entrepreneurs had to start somewhere, but most of us only see what they have become. Unbeknownst to the public, the most successful people in business faced countless trials to get to where they are today. 

Josh King Madrid knows this all too well. Dropping out of college at an early age, he faced countless tough decisions. But through grit, passion, and determination, he came out on top as one of the most decorated Internet Marketing professionals the world has ever seen.

When asked about where his entrepreneurial journey truly began, Josh, aka JetSetFly, recalls a time when his father showed him the ropes. He was in second grade when his father loaned him $15 and showed him how to buy beanies from China at wholesale prices. “He told me to buy them, sell them to kids at my school and pay him back and to use the profits to buy my own clothes and toys that I wanted. So I did,” he shared. 

He went to school and after-school winter camp with the other kids and sold all the beanies for $5. At that moment, he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship. Since that day, he realized that he was able to get anything he wanted with the right information, relentless drive and an impeccable work ethic. 

“That small accomplishment has led me to accomplish every goal in my life, sports-wise, relationship-wise, material-wise, and most importantly, impact-wise. It would take years later for me to truly realize how that one single event boosted my inner confidence and influence skills by putting me on a path of constant self-growth. I think it is very important to treat everything in life as a win, no matter how big or small it may be. Once you get used to winning as a habit, you’ll never accept a loss. Things will just start to always go in your favor,” shared JetSetFly

Fast forward to 2016, a friend of his formally introduced him to Internet Marketing. He quickly dove into the industry without a moment’s hesitation. Once he acquired a grasp of the concepts, he was contacted by his friend, who invented the original technology that forever changed the way products and services were sold on Instagram. His friend would become the innovator who would introduce the world’s first-ever Instagram DM Automation Chatbot, a revolutionary form of technology that has been a massive game-changer in the marketing industry.

JetSetFly became the first-ever beta-tester for this tech years before it was made public. “Over that time period, we created, tested and mastered dozens of new marketing campaigns learning how to launch viral ads with over 90% opt-in rates consistently. We were able to quadruple our brands’ sales with only half the cost,” shared the trailblazing entrepreneur.

Since then, he has cut out every other form of marketing, strictly opting for Instagram DM Automation to generate several hundred thousand leads and over $10 million in sales revenue. At this point, JetSetFly gained a massive following on his social media, amassing over half a million followers across all platforms. “Without the opportunity to learn and access his tech, it would have cost me multiple millions of dollars to get those same results using traditional online advertising and marketing strategies,” he added.

Nowadays, JetSetFly is known for successfully generating leads with viral product campaigns. He has acquired over $20 million online, earning him a pristine reputation in the industry and a huge following to boot. He currently focuses on building his personal brand, recording podcasts, and creating valuable content to share with his followers. By the time he turned 21 years old, JetSetFly had already shared stages with Fortune 500 CEOs, Billionaires, top motivational speakers and the biggest social media business personalities such as Tai Lopez, Andy Frisella, and Eric Thomas the Hip-Hop Preacher.

JetSetFly has indeed come a long way since his start in the business industry. From being a college dropout with $0 worth of assets to his name to making his first million at the age of 19. One thing’s for sure: this only marks the beginning for the firebrand entrepreneur, and it’s exciting to see where he’ll be in the years to come.