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JetSet’s Paper Boyz Collaborates With Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile Animators for Nostalgic NFT Project by NFTMagazine

The NFT industry continues to grow, and among its front-running NFT development platforms and companies is On top of providing the NFT community with the latest news and NFT alpha updates, is the creator of the highly-anticipated Paper Boyz NFT collection, a project developed in collaboration with acclaimed Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile animation producers, making it one of the most nostalgic and sought after drop for 2022. 

Paper Boyz is a collection of 3,650 assets bound to live on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is set to reach collectors on July 1st. Less than two weeks until its launch, the iconic project is already generating quite the buzz in the industry, garnering a large following in a short amount of time through promotions on Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Instagram. In addition, the community has gained over 10,000 pre-mint addresses within three days after dropping the link and even before running promotions, with the majority of users saying they became interested after hearing about the project through word-of-mouth promotions and organic traffic. Furthermore, the project’s Discord server is also growing by the thousands after a couple of weeks. The creators account for the credibility and talent of their partner animation producers to contribute greatly to the project’s popularity. 

Lead animation artist Edgar Vehbiu is determined to present NFT enthusiasts with nostalgic animated art. Vehbiu, who has worked on well-known apps and mobile games, has harnessed over one billion downloads, making his art household commodities. 

Besides partnering with the animation producers of Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile, Paper Boyz also teamed up with the artists and founders of GOAT Society and Principles LLC advisors to bring the project to life. 

The Paper Boyz project presents a collection of OG hustlers, solopreneurs, and business executives who constantly feel left behind by the rest of their peers. It highlights those who want to extract NFT alpha from the rest of the projects currently available on the market. The collection is also designed for builders who want to out-innovate their competition and degens looking for the best NFT project to invest in. 

Paper Boyz NFT acts as a free multi-NFT claim pass and re-sellable membership, giving holders lifetime access to its Discord community with instant whale alerts, software bots, recommendations, and daily briefings on the NFT marketplace. 

Holders of Paper Boys NFT will have access to the highly-anticipated NFTMag Con 2022, an event to be hosted by as the world’s largest invite-only NFT conference to take place this October in Miami. Anticipated to have over 4,000 attendees across the globe, NFTMag Con 2022 is set to topple other gatherings hosted around NFTs. The event will also feature over 40 speakers, including NFT founders, high-level entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, sales trainers, and some of the best motivational speakers on the scene. founder, JetSetFly, has created many fast-growing internet brands and has created a significant mark in the NFT industry through the platform. The 24-year-old college dropout has built a name for himself after establishing dozens of e-commerce brands, software, events, and info-product business over the last six years, gaining over $20 million in online sales, with $10 million coming from selling out NFT collections in 2021. Paper Boyz marks yet another milestone in his career, paving the way for many more NFT projects from in the future. 

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