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What Makes Lions Not Sheep’s Latest Super Rare Collection Larger than Any Other NFT Project 

Business partners and Lions Not Sheep non-fungible token (NFT) co-founders Sean Whalen and Greg W Anderson are taking matters into their own hands. The powerful duo does not leave anything to chance when it concerns anything freedom-based. They recently revealed that their newly launched NFT project would be introducing a super rare collection that will feature FJB attributes, something that a lot of people will find controversial but many others will welcome openly. At a time in America’s history when the free community continues to be under threat, Sean and Greg, along with their ever-growing supporters, are making bolder statements to preserve what they believe will be a valuable legacy to future generations. 

“Those that lead the NFT space today will help craft what our children and grandchildren are exposed to over the next 20-plus years. We refuse to leave our future up to chance, or even worse, allow big techs to have the only voice,” the business partners pointed out. “Right now, it’s urgent, and we need to band together more than ever,” Sean added. 

The recent revelation came as a surprise to many digital art collectors, investors, and NFT enthusiasts. If anything, it is worth noting that Lions Not Sheep is the first NFT to introduce an FJB super rare collection that many free community supporters feel is worth pursuing. While Sean and Greg understand that the FJB movement may seem like a bitter pill to swallow for many Americans today, countless others believe it is important to make a stand. And this is exactly what Sean and Greg are doing – being the voice of a movement that needs to be heard. 

“I think this will appeal to a lot of people, and I think it’ll be obviously noteworthy enough conversation. On top of just the NFT conversation that ‘Hey there’s this group of guys, there are these people who tried this movement that you know, knows that there would probably be a lot of people who would buy the NFT, but they wouldn’t because of the FJB,’” Sean pointed out.

Sean has always been well-known for his no-nonsense stand when it comes to preserving America’s free community. Before creating the Lions Not Sheep token community, he established an apparel company featuring statement shirts that Americans cannot get enough of. During the pandemic, Sean proved he has what it takes to take his business to the next level. While so many companies were closing left and right due to the pandemic, he managed to preserve his business and scale it significantly. 

People started to approach Sean for advice on starting their own businesses. Seeing a rare opportunity to positively impact other people’s lives, Sean created the Lion’s Den, a private coaching and networking group. With his guidance, he has seen remarkable successes among his 3,000 members, which motivated him to come up with a new venture – the Lions Not Sheep NFT. 

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Sean is also an author, successfully selling more than 800,000 copies of his book. His YouTube videos have also generated a whopping one billion views. His partnership with Greg, who is widely known as “The Architect,” has added immense value to Sean’s work. Together, they are undeniably a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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