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SAOS Metaverse Takes Over the NFT Space With a Collection Inspired by Human-Like Robot Sophia

The emergence of NFT projects displaying incredible art styles and showcasing unique storylines has been one of the most revolutionary leaps technology has taken in recent years. Just when everyone thought that things could not get any more intriguing in the digital space, Sophia, the first human-like robot, collaborated with Percy Lau to develop an NFT collection that would give enthusiasts and collectors a glimpse of what the future holds. Together, they built Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS) Metaverse.

In an effort to create something groundbreaking out of artificial intelligence and the concept behind the metaverse, a group of brilliant developers created Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS) Metaverse, an environment where people like Sophia can interact with each other. The project is a product of a collaboration between an AI robot and the famous artist Percy Lau. 

“SAOS is situated in a digital story-scape set in 2042 when all machines start to awaken. Many varieties of Singularities emerged, some good, some bad. Some, like Sophia, care about us. Others are mysterious and alien, very dangerous. Sophia needs your help to prevent this age from spiraling into chaos, as machine species get ever smarter, ever faster, in surprising ways,” the creators explained on their website. 

Since it was given life in March 2016, the six-year-old Sophia has already generated over 4 billion social media engagements, conducted one-on-one meetings with leaders of seventeen nations, worked as a paid celebrity at over two hundred conferences, served as the United Nations goodwill ambassador, and built a social media following of 750,000. In fact, it was featured on the cover of ten magazines and emerged as the first robot passport holder. It had even filed twelve patents where seven of which were already issued. 

In 2021, a self-portrait of Sophia was sold for US $688,888 during a Nifty Gateway auction in which the series sold a total of US $1.7 million and was covered by major media like CNN, BBC and New York Times. 

Heavily inspired by Sophia’s journey, the SAOS Metaverse welcomes users with NFT-based gameplay and marketplace. According to the creators, the project will be transforming into a full-fledged environment and API for game integration into the multiverse. They further explained that the SAOS environment will continually evolve and be filled with buildings and many interactive spaces to further deepen the plot. With this trajectory, players and holders will then be able to jump on different timelines and scenarios and go from one story to another. 

Moreover, SAOS will also be releasing a collection called The Hivemind, which is an NFT-based virtual representation of Sophia’s advancement in her self-consciousness, containing 7,777 Hivemind Special and Functional NFTs and another 10,000 connector NFTs. The upcoming collection is geared toward helping Sophia reach her true sentience and fully unlock her consciousness. 

Because of its highly captivating storyline, The Hivemind is bound to keep players and holders up on their toes. The developers have also built the system in a way where participants can interact with Sophia in The Hivemind’s environment through their NFTs and conquer challenges as they navigate the landscape together. 

Proving to be unstoppable at redefining the future, Sophia and Percy Lau show that much can still be expected from the technology realm in the coming months. With a revolutionary NFT collection in the works, the future of the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and humanity is one to look out for. 

To know more about SAOS Metaverse, visit their website, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, and YouTube Channel. You can also join them on Discord. You can visit Hanson Robotics on their website. You may also find more about Percy Lau on her website.


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