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Gamers NFTS Revolutionizes the Gaming Industry With Its Upcoming Gamer-Oriented Collection

The innovative efforts of visionaries across the globe have transformed the digital scene into an entirely different landscape compared to how it used to be years ago. Today, the gaming arena has become one of the leading industries in the digital world and has been creating significant waves across numerous industries. For this reason, developers addressed themselves to the challenge of integrating the gaming scene into the crypto space. As a matter of fact, a team of brilliant individuals has created an outstanding project geared towards gamers from all walks of life. This upcoming venture is called GAMERS NFTS

On a mission to elevate the gaming culture, the developers of GAMERS NFTS will be releasing a collection of 20,000 non-fungible tokens with over a hundred references to various gaming trends, gaming terms, Web3 elements, and even pop culture. Each of the avatars shown on the tokens is aptly called a GAMER. To ensure the digital asset’s uniqueness and originality, the tokens’ designs feature a combination of more than 200 traits. Moreover, some of the skins that are rarer than the others include the Takeover Headset, Diamond Bullet-Proof Vest, Rainbow Unicorn Dreads, and AFK Skin.

While most gaming-themed projects in the NFTS space usually just focus on one aspect of the venture, GAMERS NFTS strives to provide members of the community with a holistic and immersive experience. More than giving the holders exclusive benefits, the said project promotes building strong connections. As a result, all kinds of gaming enthusiasts across different platforms will find something that they like, whether they love playing on a PC, console, mobile phone, or handheld device.

Widely acknowledged as a community-focused enterprise, GAMERS NFTS recognizes that its token holders will be playing a significant role in giving essential feedback relating to their experiences on the platform. The project’s collection also comes with other generous utilities and benefits for each checkpoint reached. Some of the exciting rewards that will be given range from controllers, consoles, and in-game currency to sports event tickets and even a Bookgames NFTS.

In addition to its incredible artwork and remarkable utilities, GAMERS NFTS distinguishes itself from others by upholding a strong sense of commitment and dedication. “As a team, we decided to spend hours among hours studying the NFTS space so that we could understand it better. We have been a part of some really great projects, some middle of the road and then some that, unfortunately, were total rug pulls! With the good and the bad came a lot of learning from our team, and we finally believed we had enough knowledge to bring our collection to the space in a way that benefits gamers worldwide,” representatives of the project shared in an interview. 

“Gaming is endlessly abundant, and we wanted to capture the entire space with this collection. Our team has spent the last four months detailing and analyzing each trait to assure that all of our community members love their GAMERS on the mint day,” they added. 

Currently, GAMERS NFTS is already available for mint, and its public sale began on April 20 at 8:00 PM EST. Members of the thriving gaming community can freely interact with each other on the project’s Discord server. 

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