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Cantinho do Bolinha: Slow Fashion that pleases pets and their humans

Cantinho do Bolinha
Photo Credit To: Cantinho do Bolinha

With comfortable designs that respect dogs’ anatomy, the brand prioritizes well-being without compromising aesthetics.

When it comes to dog clothing, many pet owners often turn up their noses, thinking it’s just a frivolous, unnecessary indulgence. However, what many don’t realize is that these garments play an essential role in the well-being of pets, protecting them from the cold, self-mutilation, and even providing a calmer post-operative experience.

The brand Cantinho do Bolinha, based in São Paulo, was born precisely to go against these notions. With nearly 5 years in the market, it has already made a significant difference and aspires to reach greater heights in the pet fashion market. “The audience has embraced the idea of prioritizing comfort above all. We always exchange experiences with our customers; they share our way of thinking and seek something that is comfortable, with the right fit, and respects the anatomy,” explains Mayara Morelli, a fashion specialist and co-founder of Cantinho do Bolinha.

The idea for Cantinho do Bolinha emerged when Suely Takamatsu, Mayara’s mother and co-founder of the brand, underwent delicate surgery and began crocheting clothes for the family’s pets. Meanwhile, Mayara was on a quest to find comfortable clothing for dogs in the market but couldn’t find anything that met the expectations in terms of fabric quality and craftsmanship. Out of this shared desire to provide the best for their furry companions, the brand was born, named in homage to Bolinha, the first shih tzu in their four-legged family. Yet, Cantinho do Bolinha went beyond just creating clothes for dogs; it committed to a slower and more sustainable production, embracing the slow fashion movement.

Slow fashion, a trend that emerged around 2004 in London, stands as an alternative to the current fashion production system known as fast fashion, which prioritizes mass production, visual appeal, and often disregards environmental impacts. Slow fashion values diversity, local over global, and practices real pricing that incorporates social and ecological costs while maintaining production on a small to medium scale.

Cantinho do Bolinha is not only a brand that cares about pet fashion; it’s a brand that cares about the future of our pets and the future of our planet. Its commitment to slow fashion not only ensures high-quality clothing for dogs and children but also contributes to a more sustainable world. Each piece in the Cantinho & Bambini collection is tangible proof of this commitment, created with carefully selected materials and impeccable craftsmanship that ensures durability and comfort.

As the brand grows and expands, its positive impact multiplies. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Cantinho do Bolinha saw its sales increase by an impressive 200% compared to the previous period. In this challenging time, the brand has built strong relationships with its customers, who now not only embrace the “comfy first” concept but also enthusiastically share this message.

“It’s still very challenging, but also very rewarding. Dogs need to run, play, roll on the ground… And having clothes that hinder their movements disrupts their nature. Here, we always think about what the clothing will provide, beyond beauty,” Mayara emphasizes. This concern for the well-being of pets is evident in the brand’s pajamas, which, besides being incredibly cute, play a significant role in protecting pets from the cold floor, changing weather, and self-mutilation, especially in allergic dogs.

Furthermore, Cantinho do Bolinha is heavily investing in the health sector with the launch of the B.Pet Health line. This initiative not only emphasizes the importance of comfort and well-being during the post-operative period but also demonstrates the brand’s ongoing commitment to caring for pets in all aspects of their lives. “It makes us very happy to know that our piece helps during this delicate time. We believe that pet owners will also be pleased to know that everything has been thought out in minute detail for their pet’s recovery,” Mayara concludes.

Cantinho do Bolinha is much more than a dog clothing brand; it’s a manifestation of love, care, and responsibility towards our pets and the planet. Its clothing represents a perfect union of fashion, comfort, and sustainability. As it continues to grow and win hearts, Cantinho do Bolinha is proving that comfort and style can go hand in hand, regardless of how many legs you have. It’s a brand that not only follows trends but paves its path, inspiring others to tread a path of conscious fashion and commitment to animal well-being.

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