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CARET Legal: Powering the Future of Law Firms with Innovative Practice Management Solutions

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If there’s one thing legal professionals agree on, it’s that tedious administrative and clerical work is the bane of their role. While project management platforms like Monday and AirTable have been significantly advantageous to various other industries, the management options available to legal professionals are minimal and fragmented.  

Now, however, CARET Legal’s AI-enabled practice management platform stands as a beacon of technological innovation. Previously known as Zola Suite, CARET Legal is redefining the landscape for thousands of legal firms all over the world. This powerful integration of practice management, document automation, and payment processing platforms allows legal professionals to truly focus on what matters – delivering exceptional service to their clients. 

A New Era, a Clear Identity

What sets CARET Legal apart from its competitors is its ambition not merely to provide a set of standalone solutions but to mold an entire ecosystem that takes firms, professionals, and their clients even further. Allowing firms to manage all of their cases and documents in one place – the same place in which they can communicate with clients – offers a conveniently consolidated experience for both parties. 

Each product in CARET Legal’s portfolio was created and designed to seamlessly work together, creating a platform that drives both efficiency and productivity.

AI-Driven Solutions for Modern Practices

CARET Legal offers a robust suite of features that is reshaping how legal professionals work and deliver their results. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) plays an essential role in CARET Legal’s capabilities. Its document solutions use AI to rapidly manage documents like demand letters and living wills, streamlining the drafting process. The AI performs various tasks, such as auto-populating fields, identifying inconsistencies, and even providing feedback or suggestions based on a vast library of legal knowledge.

Furthermore, CARET Legal’s AI-driven tools expedite case management and quickly summarize legal documents. Legal professionals can also benefit from secure payment processing systems, ensuring swift and safe transactions for both the clients and the firm. Essentially, CARET Legal isn’t just a tool; it’s a partner that greatly increases the capabilities of legal professionals, allowing them to focus on strategy and client relationships. 

A Visionary at the Helm

Leading CARET Legal’s transformative journey is CEO Keri Gohman. With a wealth of experience in fintech and platform businesses from her time at Bain Capital Ventures, Gohman brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to CARET Legal.

Throughout her career, Gohman has continuously unlocked opportunities to enhance business models, challenging conventional wisdom and outdated industry practices. Now, at CARET Legal, she is channeling her expertise in P&L management, strategy, and leadership in order to help drive the company toward its vision. She is committed to encouraging her teams to reinvent and create customer and shareholder value. With her leadership, CARET Legal is set to not only continue its growth trajectory but also further solidify its position as an industry leader. 

Revolutionizing Professional Services

Professional services firms can look forward to even greater innovations and improvements as 

CARET Legal continues its mission. Whether through practice management, document automation, or secure payment processing, CARET Legal is poised to power the future of professional services. In the words of CEO Keri Gohman, “We are delighted to equip these critical professionals with the latest tools to support their efforts to increase firm efficiency, optimize growth, and ultimately provide even better service to their clients.”

In an industry that has traditionally been slow to adopt change, CARET Legal is a breath of fresh air, bringing new levels of efficiency, security, and sophistication to the table. It isn’t just about developing new tools; it’s about shaping an even better future for professional services. With CARET Legal at the helm, that future shines brighter than ever. 

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