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Carmelo Rodriguez to Introduce a Mysterious Character in His New Book Coming this October

Well-loved book author Carmelo Rodriguez is taking his criminal mystery themes a notch higher with the introduction of a new character, Dorothy Fisher, in his new book titled “Smile.” The Kindle edition of the book will be available on 31 October 2022 and is expected to unravel the mystery behind the uncommon little girl capable of doing terrifying deeds. 

Throughout his colorful journey as the author of 15 books of different genres, Rodriguez has drawn myriads of book lovers due to his superb writing abilities. He has a taste for stories that stem from the unique real-life experiences of people around him, making his plots and characters relatable and engaging. 

“I favor stories based on true events. The reason for this is that I enjoyed investigations following the story, but it doesn’t stop there for me. Like I stated previously, I have written multiple books in different genres, so I am not scared to explore,” Rodriguez shared. 

Apart from being a prolific author, he is also a sought-after life coach, negotiation specialist, and motivational speaker who likes to help people take back their lives in the same way he did when he, too, suffered from a personal tragedy that changed his life forever. Before starting his writing career, he was a combat soldier in Iraq who later discovered that a government glitch within the Veteran Affairs (VA) office had declared him deceased. The fight to prove that he was alive and well became one of his biggest and most tedious battles, something that he considered worse than being deprived of his childhood. But that event revealed many realizations that shaped him into a better person who makes the most out of life.  

“I struggled for multiple years as a military vet who was mistakenly declared deceased. During that time, I created a documentary series and book because I had a message. My brand was created out of necessity. In doing so, I realized how inspirational my story was and wanted to continue writing,” he explained. 

His memoir titled “Dead Soldier: A Story of the Living” jump-started his career and launched him into a writing spree. Since then, he has been writing anything he believes will inspire people to pursue greatness. 

After surviving that time in his life, Rodriguez decided to help others who may be going through the same ordeal by empowering them to fight for what they believe is true and not to allow themselves to be cast aside by seemingly powerful organizations. His crisis intervention, law enforcement, and military backgrounds make him more than able to cause people to act and live life to the fullest. 

One of his strengths is analyzing individuals’ mindsets and lifestyle goals, providing people with knowledge, and creating awareness of self-destructive actions. He empowers his clients to develop concrete action plans, acquire burning motivation, and maintain clear focus at all times in order to reach their goals.

If anything, Carmelo Rodriguez has become a beacon of hope for multiple people out there who choose to suffer in silence. He ignites a passion within people to act on their dreams instead of just waiting for them to happen. As he lives his dream life today, he also hopes to inspire more people to pursue their dreams relentlessly. 

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