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Carrots Merch on How Company Merchandise Boosts Employee Morale and Performance

Statistics reveal that nine out of ten newly hired employees, even those working remotely, feel more welcomed and motivated in their job posts when an employer provides them with company-branded merchandise upon their entry. It may seem like a small gesture on the part of the employer, but it has been proven effective to immediately make an employee feel embraced by a new ecosystem. Seeing the need to help companies provide such experiences for their employees, Carrots Merch stepped up its game and became the merchandising company built for its clients’ business growth.

Carrots Merch is the only merchandising company that truly curates, designs, and delivers high-quality products that are aesthetically pleasing and practical. It sets itself apart from other merchandising companies in a way that it analyses what employees truly need. Carrots Merch believes that merchandise should go above and beyond, contributing to the overall employee experience instead of just providing clients with items that will most likely end up forgotten in a drawer.

Furthermore, Carrots Merch has run thousands of incentives programs for countless clients that it has seen the power of how the right merchandise can drive incremental sales, build an effective and meaningful company culture, and retain top talent. The company found that employees who are given company merchandise feel empowered, thus causing a domino effect on their company’s overall performance. Carrots Merch also stresses that company merchandise establishes a strong brand identity. In turn, over 20% of consumers are willing to repeat purchases from a certain brand with company merchandise after receiving promotional giveaways.

Carrots Merch provides its clients with any company merchandise, be it as their promotional gifts or for establishing a strong company swag. The brand sees no boundaries as to what products can be made. Carrots Merch has made everything from luxury items, outdoor merchandise, drinkware, bags, office paraphernalia, technology accessories, apparel to footwear. 

Additionally, Carrots Merch is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. The company effectively sources, designs, packs, stores, and ships its products to reach clients in the best condition, ensuring quality control from start to finish. With a devoted team working around the clock, Carrots Merch was able to leave a lasting impression on its clients. Its customer service is genuinely unrivaled, and the company considers it as one of its best assets.

Carrots Merch uses a customer care system where every client gets a “love agent” that provides them with undivided attention. As a result, clients feel prioritized and understood. The company believes that by doing so, both they and their clients will be able to achieve their goals. As Steven Burns, CEO of MOTiiV, said, “Our clients and employees love all the items we get from Carrots Merch. They have access to stuff you just can’t get. For all our new business, client retention and company culture initiatives, Carrots Merch gets a call.”

Carrots Merch is able to source hard-to-find materials thanks to its established partnerships with major brands. Having such connections allows the company to source materials efficiently and get first priority to merchandise that would otherwise be unavailable in ordinary retail outlets. 

Carrots Merch is in the business to help others grow. Learn more about the company and how to contact them on their website.

To learn more about Carrots Merch, check out their website.

Company: Carrots Merch

Phone: (888) 716-3027



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