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Casetify Emerges as the Ultimate Game Changer in the Phone Case Industry

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Anyone who has ever owned a device has probably encountered the struggle of choosing between a case that would protect their gadgets or one that would make their gizmos stand out. However, the leading brand Casetify has freed device owners from this dilemma and created cases that are both protective and aesthetic. In this way, consumers can have the best of both worlds. 

Formerly known as Casetagram, Casetify is the highest-grossing tech accessories brand in the world, with over two million followers on Instagram. This Hong Kong-based venture has reached many countries and has captured the hearts of millions of users with its signature impact cases. As led by the visionary leader, Wes Ng, the company has revolutionized the industry and has redefined the phone case market in ways no one could have ever imagined. 

Coming from a media background, Wes Ng started Casetify in the hopes of bridging the gap between customizing one’s belongings and being able to reflect such an individuality. As a result, he developed military-grade, drop-proof phone cases that combine utility with the latest and trendiest customizable styles and designs. 

In 2018, Casetify dropped a limited-edition collection that creatively used DHL’s signature red and yellow colors, tape, and waybills as icons to highlight the brand’s passion, high-quality service standards, commitment to speed, and can-do spirit. 

In an interview with DHL, Wes Ng talked about the secret behind Casetify’s roaring success on different social media platforms. According to the esteemed CEO and founder, Instagram has played a significant part in catapulting the brand to the forefront of the industry. However, he also explained that it all boils down to studying the data at hand. “There is no quick fix when it comes to analyzing one’s market. So we use every possible tool available, paid or otherwise, to explore what works for our audience. Trying everything, testing everything. Then implementing that knowledge to better our business,” he told DHL. 

Aside from DHL, Casetify has also collaborated with other brands like SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, Moncler, Vetements, Pokémon, The M Jewelers, Disney, and many more. As a matter of fact, these branded collaborations drive most of its revenues since consumers tend to be fashion-focused and expressive of their identities.

At its core, Casetify always goes the extra mile in understanding the needs of consumers and keeps track of their ever-fluctuating taste. As a matter of fact, none of the aforementioned collaborations would have been possible if it had not listened to what its audience is looking for. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Casetify continues to revolve around the three pillars of growth—community, collaboration, and customization. Although it recognizes that its Instagram presence is the brand’s lifeblood, it also sees its online channel as an extension to the ever-expanding community it has built in the physical world. 

From the biggest influencers and celebrities to the new kids dominating TikTok, Casetify takes pride in having a supportive community. With the emergence of new gadgets and the rise of social media platforms, this phone case brand proves to be unstoppable at its game. 

Learn more about Casetify by following its Instagram account. 

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