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Getting All The Info: CataLeads Systems Understands The Importance Of Providing Real Estate Professionals With Everything They Need To Convert Sellers into Listings

CataLeads Systems
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Generating leads in the real estate space isn’t the challenging part for most agencies. More commonly, the most difficult challenge is what you do with the leads after you get them into your ecosystem. Very commonly in the real estate industry, when generating leads for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, or Investors, the main complaint is the quality of leads. This is primarily often due to the loose qualification process that most agencies have in place while delivering results to their clients. Oftentimes, this consists of a lead form with first and last name, email, and phone number, which unfortunately isn’t going to help a Realtor or Investor gain valuable information from the lead until taking the burden of calling the lead upon themselves.

Hamza Abdallah figured this out early on when founding his marketing company CataLeads Systems. He realized that Real Estate Brokers and Agents are quicker to get to the closing table when they have detailed context and information on the seller lead, which Hamza’s team ensures to equip them with. Meaning, if he could provide Real Estate Agents and Brokers with seller leads loaded with information, then he would be able to ensure that they get an ROI with his Outbound Prospecting System and would continue signing listings every month. With their clients’ ROI being their main focus, CataLeads Systems has developed their Agent Catalyst™ Outbound Prospecting System to allow their clients to spend $0 on paid advertising, allowing them to save money on marketing expenses all while closing deals using this system.

Also, because of their emphasis on clients’ results, CataLeads started to deliver double-qualified seller listing appointments to their clients. This means that before an appointment is booked, the seller prospects speak with at least two representatives from the CataLeads team. Because of this kind of qualification, Hamza is able to guarantee his clients seller listing appointments with property owners that are actually looking to move forward with their clients and aren’t just curious cats trying to get a home valuation or other free resources.

The way their double-qualified appointments work is through multiple streams of communication. Firstly, CataLeads launches their Outbound Prospecting System to generate leads in their clients’ reserved and exclusive zip codes. Once the leads start coming in, CataLeads has their dedicated SMS team take over the prospect. The SMS team then asks entry-level questions to make sure the lead is legit, with a real number and a real motivation for selling their property. Once they’ve verified the address and number, the SMS team passes the lead off to their in-house ISA team, or Inside Sales Agents, who call and qualify the lead to vet and collect further information. The ISA’s questions are along the lines of their timeframe for selling, why they want to sell, what they would like to get for the property, and if they have started this process with any other Real Estate Agent. Finally, once this information is gathered, the appointment is set with the Real Estate Agent, Broker, or Investor for an easy and flawless hand-off.

The reason this is so beneficial is due to several reasons. Firstly, it’s a real time saver for the Real Estate Agents. Being able to trust CataLeads to book double-qualified seller appointments on their calendar so they know every appointment will show up, be ready and willing to go, and actually want to move forward is a game-changer. Another reason is that they don’t have to spend dozens of hours each week trying to generate their own leads and can forget about begging their close circle for referrals, cold calling, door knocking, and all the other outdated ways to get leads. Finally, the increase in their client conversion rates because of the high-quality appointments can even help them dominate more market share in their service area.

In conclusion, Hamza differentiated himself and his marketing company by focusing more on client results and conversion rates than anything else. By providing double-qualified seller appointments, he puts his company’s results and his client’s success rate above competing agencies. CataLeads Systems is a top-tier choice for any Real Estate Agent looking to grow their business organically using outbound methods. Real Estate Agents and Brokers that are looking to scale their business to the next level with the most qualified appointments in the industry, all while spending $0 on paid ads, should definitely look out for CataLeads Systems in 2023. 


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