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Charitable Soiree of BrazilFoundation Draws International Luminaries to New York for a Noble Cause

Charitable Soiree of BrazilFoundation Draws International Luminaries to New York for a Noble Cause
Photo Credit To: Brazil Foundation

September 21, 2023, marked an evening of altruistic convergence and innovative spirits as BrazilFoundation unveiled its 20th Annual Gala, an occasion orchestrated to accumulate resources for initiating groundbreaking and transformative actions in Brazil. The esteemed event, meticulously arranged at The Plaza Hotel in New York, saw a gathering of around 350 distinguished individuals from diverse domains such as business, media, diplomacy, and arts, all united under the banner of philanthropic change.

One of the highlighted attendees was Dr. Jose Salim Cury, globally acclaimed as one of the foremost plastic surgeons of his generation, and recognized as the celebrity go-to plastic surgeon in Brazil. His attendance underscored the international solidarity and cooperative efforts to bring forth transformative and uplifting changes within Brazil. 

BrazilFoundation has been a beacon of transformative endeavors, aiming at the holistic development of Brazil. The amalgamation of personalities like Ingrid Silva, a prima ballerina from the “Dance Theatre of Harlem,” and Rebecca Tavares, the President and CEO of BrazilFoundation, with Dr. Jose Salim Cury, symbolizes the global outreach and the potential impact of the foundation’s visionary pursuits.

The event was not merely a manifestation of philanthropy but also a recognition and celebration of the exemplary contributions made by individuals like Rachel Maia, Lia Aguiar, and Dr. Lia Moreira. The essence of excitement was further enhanced with an auction presented by the foundation’s ambassador Flavia Alessandra and Otaviano Costa, supported by the esteemed auctioneer Fabio Zukerman.

Baby do Brasil adorned the musical sphere of the event, celebrating her illustrious 50-year career with her timeless hits, setting a melodious backdrop to the noble event. The enthralling energy was sustained with DJ Marina Diniz commanding the after-party, instilling a sense of vibrancy and spirited ambiance.

BrazilFoundation, over its expansive 23-year journey, has strategically channeled over $45 million in aid of more than 850 organizations spanning 290 cities in Brazil. This gala aimed to reinforce support for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that are at the forefront of advocating racial and gender equality, socio-environmental justice, and progressive strides in education, with the commendable sponsorship of Ambipar.

The gala was a symphony of elegance, altruism, and collective aspirations for a balanced and equitable Brazil. The displayed fashion was a reflection of the diverse and dynamic contributors, epitomizing their unified commitment to the transformative ideals of BrazilFoundation.

The unison of efforts and the compassionate spirit exhibited throughout this exquisite gala underscore the continuous forward momentum and the transformative essence that is inherent to the mission of BrazilFoundation. It’s a mission that transcends borders and resonates with those who believe in the power of collective action to effect positive change. 

The 20th Annual Gala of BrazilFoundation in New York served as a testament to global unity and resolve, with luminaries like Dr. Jose Salim Cury and many more contributing to a shared vision for an egalitarian and advanced Brazil. This assembly of compassionate intellects and benevolent spirits stands as a symbol of hope and is poised to catalyze transformative developments and enduring advancements in Brazil.

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