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Chef Global’s Kitchen by Ricardo Lory Paving the Way for Young Chefs

Success does not recognize age or pedigree; it recognizes effort and hard work. This is evident in Ricardo Lory’s journey as a chef. At the young age of ten, Ricardo gained his first exposure to cooking and culinary at his parents’ local restaurant, where he cooked and helped out with managerial tasks. His Haitian roots also played a huge role in his passion for food and cooking. Growing up, he went to college and got a degree in Culinary Arts. He also has six culinary certifications that established him as a reputable chef.

The concept of hard work is not new to Ricardo Lory, and he witnessed firsthand all the struggles his parents went through and the sacrifices they made to give him the life he has today. As a child, he missed out on playing with other children in the neighborhood as he was mostly at his parents’ restaurant, learning how to make different cuisines and manage the full-service restaurant. He moved to Tallahassee, Florida, when he was 18, and today, at the age of 21, he is the founder and CEO of Chef Global’s Kitchen.

Being a certified culinarian with specific expertise in the rich, bold, and strong flavors of the Haitian cuisines has set him apart in the culinary world. While he pursued his college degree, Ricardo Lory worked at Food Glorious Food, an award-winning fine dining restaurant. While working, his experience changed his perspective on many things, and he began to study under executive chef Kevin Stout. Ricardo graduated from college in the top 1% of his class, and he traveled to Walt Disney World Resorts to experience other cooking styles.

One unique thing about Ricardo Lory is his passion and commitment to learning new things about people and cultures. This passion effortlessly reflects in his work as he is continually learning about food and culture from other regions. Ricardo Lory has traveled to seventeen countries to learn new culinary styles he didn’t know about. Today, he is well-versed in hundreds of recipes and has discovered many raw ingredients, which he imports to his restaurant, Chef Global’s Kitchen, in the United States.

Ricardo has met international master chefs, food scientists, older people with timeless recipes, agricultural workers, and many people worldwide who all have a strong love for food. His restaurant’s slogan, “Flavors from around the world,” was coined to tell the world about the amazing recipes and ingredients he encountered. Ricardo Lory has set the stage for other young chefs and has shown them what diligence, commitment, and passion look like.

At Chef Global’s Kitchen, the food is universal as the restaurant offers a bit of everything Ricardo discovered in all the countries he’s been to. “My food is upper gourmet quality. It can also appeal to an audience that is looking for a classic, superior, high-quality dining experience with a new world modern twist,” he says. With continuous growth, Ricardo Lory hopes to inspire and get as many young people as possible to get up, pursue their passions, and put in the work required.

Learn more about Chef Global’s Kitchen by following the official Instagram and Facebook pages. Also, learn about Chef Ricardo Lory through his official Twitter.

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