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Chilling Documentary Film ‘Unfollow’ Takes a Deep Dive into the Dark Side of Social Media

The advent of the internet has made human society far more connected than ever before. This sense of interconnectedness has been further amplified by social media allowing people to feel like they belong to a global community. However, this begs the question of whether all of this is actually real. Have relationships become far too synthetic? Are social media interactions artificial? Has the internet actually made people more distant and far removed from reality? Mark Worch ventures on a quest to find these answers in his riveting documentary film “Unfollow.”

“Unfollow” delves into themes of betrayal, depression, money, and sex while exploring the underbelly of social media relationships to discover the truth behind all the glitz and glamor. The film takes audiences on the director’s journey as he embarks on a social media cleanse to purify his mind, body, and soul. At the same time, he interviews social media influencers, Hollywood actors, and health professionals about the cultural shift in human relations due to social media. 

Drawing attention to the negative side of social media and its lasting effects on interpersonal relationships, “Unfollow” is Mark Worch’s unfettered vision caught on film. He began working on the film back in August 2019 with the goal of providing some key insights on how to healthily manage one’s individual use of social media. 

“One of the aspects I enjoyed the most during production was all of the street interviews I did. I was shocked at how quickly people were willing to open up about their personal struggles with social media. One girl even started to cry in public while doing the street interview, but she later requested the footage not be used,” shared the visionary director. 

Mark Worch officially began his film career in 2018 when he launched his personal YouTube Channel. He began filming vlogs and financial advice videos, as well as some short films that he wrote and directed. In 2019, he decided he wanted to take on the challenge of filming his own documentary feature film, and thus “Unfollow” was born. 

“The film was entirely self-funded. The biggest challenge was being in charge of everything, from filming, audio, post-production and performing all of the interviews on my own,” explained Mark Worch. Joining him on the film’s production was his good friend and filmmaker Jarrad Noah who took care of some color grading and sound effects for “Unfollow.” The storytelling animation in the film was done by an amazing animation company from Puebla, Mexico.

“Unfollow” is Mark Worch’s passion project coming to life. Much of the work on the film was done solely by the talented director, including all of the castings for the film. Mark reached out to influencers on social media, and from there, he gained access to their personal networks and got other talents to be in the documentary. The Bachelorette alumnus Chad Johnson appears in the film and discusses his personal experience on social media and relationships.

“Unfollow” is a milestone in documentary filmmaking. Mark Worch has devoted much of his time and effort to the film, and the results speak for themselves. Currently, the outstanding director is seeking financing for his next documentary project, which is in the preliminary research phase.

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