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“Choose Hope,” an initiative by Tyler Grosso

Tyler Grosso
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(Tyler Grosso)

On the tail of Congenital Heart Awareness Week, a fashion model based in New York launched a fundraising project. Tyler Grosso, better known as Ty, interest in the Heart Community sparked when friend and artist Ray Marazki shared his family’s journey with Congenital Heart Defect. The story inspired Ty to create this project to encourage people to make a difference and honor children battling heart issues.

Born and raised in New York, Ty has become an innovator, a creator, a fashion model, and a visionary. While working with globally recognized fashion brands, he remains connected to his roots in NYC, where amazing new designers, new collectives, and new fashion brands are continuously being created. From artistically driven videos seen on TikTok and Instagram to photoshoot campaigns from globally recognized fashion brands, there are always heightened elements of artistry and talent being displayed.

Leadership is an essential factor and attribute that drives an initiative to be successful. Leadership is about showing up for people and making a difference in their lives—for the better. It requires one to have a strong will and stay true to themselves. Ty is a perfect personification of what we believe a leader should be. As a leader in his community, he sets the tone for what’s possible for others. Ty is always looking for ways to translate his vision for new projects into an initiative with those same core values. We honor those who take on this role by empowering them to make a change and inspiring others to follow their lead.

Tyler Grosso

Sourced photo

(Tyler Grosso)

Ty collaborated with the Whole Hearted Foundation for this project due to their approach to change and Ty’s connection with the Founder, Ryan Koppel. The Whole Hearted Foundation focuses on giving a platform for families dealing with heart complexities and has had much success with its outreach. The foundation is more than a Non-Profit Charity; they are a BIG Family that continues to rise above the standard of giving back to help families in dire situations.

The Choose Hope Project is a unique concept incorporating a passionate vision for hope, beautiful artwork, and a connected community. With thoughts of standing out and having a project that translates to a more significant meaning than just donating, Ty worked with Ray Maraziki to design a custom-painted skateboard. The design on the skateboard included Marazki’s creation of his character, the Heart Guy, which was made to represent children undergoing heart issues. The Heart Guy is a positive symbol of hope that shares the message that you are not alone in your fight and a community is behind you.

After creating the skateboard, a few videos were made displaying the skateboard and sharing the project’s message. With half a million views and counting, these videos have connected people to the cause and allowed people to communicate with the project. In addition, families across the United States made a difference by donating money, which drove home the values of unity, community, and hope. The Choose Hope Project showcased a growing community initiative to educate and bring awareness towards heart conditions while supporting The Wholehearted Foundation’s endeavors.

Below are the two TikTok videos from the project:

1.) TikTok Link:

2.) Instagram Link:

The Choose Hope Project, created by Tyler Grosso, is a unique concept that aims to raise awareness for an important cause. After much success and media attention surrounding the skateboard, over ten thousand dollars was raised for the project. “Choose Hope” is more than just a skateboard design and raising money for a foundation; it is proven to be a Lifestyle and a Movement. We are happy to bring forth this story and showcase the hard work Ty has contributed towards a meaningful cause. To stay updated with Ty and his future projects and initiatives, follow and subscribe to this website

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