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Chris Gonzalez Makes Car Purchase Convenient With CarGonzo

Christopher Gonzalez is the founder and CEO of CarGonzo. He is credited for creating a company that helps make sure that buying or leasing vehicles are just a finger tap away. CarGonzo sells and leases vehicles where the transaction can be done from the clients’ smartphone. This feature includes virtual walkarounds, home test drives, and touchless delivery to the clients’ home or business.

CarGonzo is an auto buying service that prides itself as one of the technology-inclined car dealerships in the country. CarGonzo is formerly known as Direct Cars, a fintech company founded in 2007 and rebranded in 2020. The company provides services such as helping car buyers get approved for auto financing regardless of their credit history. 

CarGonzo, formerly Direct Cars LLC, currently serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania areas, was rebranded and given its new name in 2020. The company sells and leases used and brand new cars. It also welcomes any buyers whether they are a seasoned car buyer who wants to save time and money or a newbie who is enthusiastic about owning a new car, everyone is welcome to experience the ease of purchasing a vehicle.

What makes CarGonzo different and a better option than a traditional dealership is the convenience and transparency of doing business online. The clients can save many things, such as up to thirty days to shop for the right vehicle. They can also save hours of waiting at different dealerships trying to get the right deal. The clients can save two up to three thousand dollars since CarGonzo gives wholesale pricing with better interest rates. With these innovative and creative ideas, the clients save more money.

Realizing the advantages and convenience of buying things online, Christopher created a digital platform where customers can buy cars online. Knowing that the digitized platform will save the clients money and time, he leaves no stone unturned as he is committed to creating an internet auto-purchase platform that provides substantial benefits compared with conventional approaches. One of such benefits is buying cars are a relatively lower price than a local buyer would sell. 

As part of the transition into digitized and internet sales, Chris has dedicated much of his time and resources to ensure that clients are pleased with every online transaction. The company provides in-depth details that are not limited to applicable fees and taxes, which provides transparency and a sense of trust in the clients’ minds. With CarGonzo, Christopher Gonzalez assures interested buyers that they will not be pressured or have a hassle experience.

In the area of customer feedback, the majority of the customers have expressed their satisfaction and confidence in CarGonzo’s services. A client described his experience as the best he has ever had with any dealership, noting that CarGonzo made the whole process of getting a car super easy and hassle-free. They understood what he wanted and worked towards my satisfaction.

In five years, Gonzalez hopes to see CarGonzo become the number one car buying service in the United States, and this includes the total acceptance of the online transaction. He also hopes to see other dealerships join the movement and take advantage of the internet because that’s the only way to ensure total acceptance of online purchases across the board. 

To learn more about CarGonzo, visit their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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