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Chris Sheng on Disrupting the B2B Marketing Landscape and Dominating the Game Through Software Marketplace, LeadrPro

To survive in today’s highly cutthroat and saturated world of business, ventures and entrepreneurs alike must go beyond merely providing products and services. After all, the commercial space is already inundated with countless companies dedicated to meeting the needs of their target markets. In order to stand out and stay afloat, it’s now almost a requirement to bring considerable value to the table, one that advances the field forward. Chris Sheng, the strategic mind at the helm of LeadrPro, is an industry leader who has managed to start and scale a budding powerhouse of an enterprise, as well as carve a path toward the forefront of the marketing sector, thanks not only to his entrepreneurial acumen but also to his bold move to disrupt the landscape and change the game. By spearheading the rise of LeadrPro, he sets an example for other go-getters to follow, demonstrating what it takes to enjoy a position at the top.

A growth marketing expert with a long list of accomplishments under his belt, Chris Sheng boasts an extensive experience in and in-depth knowledge of the business-to-business software-as-a-service space. The accomplished three-time founder has worked with over a hundred venture-backed startups, leading or advising on their growth and helping them gain a foothold in the industry. Armed with an intimate understanding of how to transform seedlings of ideas into lucrative businesses, he’s maneuvered the companies under his wing in the direction of success and served as a growth advisor to several venture capital firms like Mucker Capital. 

Currently, the extreme sports enthusiast, who is engaged to media personality Courtney Stodden, is redefining the industry’s approach to discovering, evaluating, and buying software. Through his brainchild, LeadrPro, he proves that there is a better, more efficient, and cost-effective way of getting one’s hand on their desired tool. 

The creation of LeadrPro is in line with its founder’s overarching mission to reduce the need for paid advertising by putting those budgets directly into the prospect’s pockets. “If we believe in the hypothesis that time is money, then we should be compensated even when being marketed to,” shared Chris Sheng. Since its introduction, the software marketplace has instantly bridged the gap between buyers and sellers of software solutions, earning the patronage of high-profile clients, including Voicea, Slintel, PayFactory, Liquid, Influx, PushPress, Involve, and more. 

Apart from making it easy for buyers and sellers of softwares to get connected to each other, LeadrPro has succeeded in becoming a go-to platform because of the perks that come hand in hand with signing up for the marketplace. Buyers, for example, get paid to sit through product demonstrations and learn about the latest innovations, while sellers gain the added benefit of filling their sales pipeline instantly, while increasing visibility into the prospect’s mindset. Similarly as to how a professional matchmaker helps in navigating feedback and honest communication between two parties, in order to facilitate a successful match – LeadrPro acts as that matchmaking service. As a 3rd party, they remove the awkwardness of direct communication, especially in the instances when there is a poor fit. Poor fit does not mean a bad product by the way, it could refer to a variety of other issues that are very fixable if provided in the right context. In the future, given the all-out attitude Chris Sheng has toward disrupting the space, this standout venture is expected to provide more utility to its clients and evolve into an industry staple. 

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