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Clarity: 24/7 Expert Love Advice in the Palm of Your Hand

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Love is beautiful but also complicated, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and alone when it comes to finding advice on matters of the heart. For one, there’s so much conflicting information on what to do and not to do. It is also hard to know who to trust. Sometimes, you feel like the other person is judging you, and some of us hold back information because we believe it’s too embarrassing and don’t want the “shame.” This is where Clarity comes in.

Clarity is a relationship wellness platform that provides users with more convenient and discreet ways to seek advice about romantic relationships. You can consult a counselor through the app to get personalized advice and support. Clarity also offers access to a wide range of relationship-related content intended to help users better understand their relationships and the challenges they may be facing. 

They have created a free and ever-growing library of 500+ bite-sized lessons from world-leading experts. Clarity is working with a top psychologist from Stanford, a leading neuroscientist from Oxford, sexologists, biologists, therapists, matchmakers, breakup coaches, and many others on all matters relating to love. They have courses on communication, the science of love, navigating finances, the art of texting, natural language processing, conflict resolution, and more.

They have now just launched a 24/7 hotline. Clarity unveiled its 24/7 hotline, making it the first and only hotline that lets you speak to certified relationship coaches, sex coaches, astrologers, and psychics on-demand. They also have an anonymous member community where people can safely and discreetly confide and connect with others who relate to their struggles.

The anonymous member community is a peer-based and expert-led forum to connect with users, ask the community, and learn about the experiences of others in similar situations. It is a safe space to talk about all the pressing issues that society deems shameful in relationships and get to hear from others and experts. You can ask dating, relationship, and sex questions.

Clarity has always been committed to helping couples strengthen their relationships and singles find their way, and these new features show that the app is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users. Whether you’re looking for a fun date idea or a way to improve communication with your partner, Clarity has got you covered.

The app’s founder, Lisa Fei, says she’s thrilled with the positive response to the new features. “We’ve always known that there’s a need for a tool like Clarity, considering that relationships are the greatest influence on one’s mental health and work productivity. We’re excited to see that everyone is using it to connect in new and meaningful ways. Clarity is an app to help you build happier, healthier, and more successful relationships and vent without the fear of being judged,” she says.

Clarity is available for download on both iOS and Android.

In a world where relationships are becoming increasingly complex, Clarity is a valuable tool for couples looking to keep the spark alive and strengthen their bond. With its new features, the Clarity app is more versatile than ever, making it a must-have. 

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