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CleaningMaidSimple Helps Facilities Managers By Providing Top-Notch Cleaning Services

California-based cleaning company CleaningMaidSimple has been instrumental in keeping a lot of businesses open and their employees safe throughout the pandemic with its exceptional deep-cleaning services. With a full range of cleaning services designed to suit any need of commercial establishments and their budget, clients can enjoy a safe and clean environment despite the threat of COVID-19. 

Company CEO and business coach Oscar Muñoz, together with his team of trained and highly experienced cleaners, understand the pain points of Office Managers, Facilities Managers & Operations Managers when it comes to dealing with cleaning vendors. Cleaning Maid Simple solves these problems by using a unique management system and communication tool that allow them to identify issues before they happen and quickly take action. Their systematic approach to establishing and maintaining high standards of cleanliness keeps people safe and makes business owners confident that their customers and employees can show up to a clean and sanitized environment. 

“Most recently due to the pandemic, we have acquired new skill sets that allow us to participate in combating the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace,” Muñoz explains. “We have assisted many of our customers with the reopening of their office by offering deep cleaning and disinfection programs. Additionally, we have ramped up our workforce and developed a system of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance that guarantees results,” he adds.

CleaningMaidSimple is made up of carefully picked cleaning professionals who are some of the industry’s most hardworking and conscientious individuals. Each member of the team is well-trained and equipped to handle products and tools essential to ensure thorough cleaning. 

The company uses a proactive approach to cleaning, including keeping an eye out for small issues that can turn into potential problems in the future. The CleaningMaidSimple team makes sure to prevent them from becoming major problems in the future. The company has a quick response team available 24/7 for any emergency cleaning needs. 

It is also best known for its excellent customer service. Management, along with their team of cleaners takes the time to get to know their clients well in order to meet their expectations better. Satisfying the expectations of their clients is always on top of the list of the company’s professional cleaners. 

Oscar Muñoz was motivated to establish the company after losing his job in 2019. While his other co-workers did not take the turn of events personally, Muñoz did. He vowed that he would never let that happen to himself again and decided to set up his own business. Now years from the time CleaningMaidSimple was established, his company has become responsible for cleaning more than ten million square feet of commercial spaces such as California State Universities, performance centers, shipyards, biotech companies, investment firms, and restaurants, not including their contracts with residential properties. 

With the ever-growing demand for excellent cleaning services keeping CleaningMaidSimple busy, Muñoz is confident that his company will continue to be a forerunner in the delivery of commercial cleaning services. He envisions his company closing contracts with more tech companies, biotech firms, financial institutions, and schools in the future. Learn more about the CleaningMaidSimple services by visiting its website. Follow the company on LinkedIn  for updates on its latest offers.

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