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Client-First Approach to Redefining Retirement: How GCES Puts Clients at the Forefront of Financial Planning

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Countless people procrastinate on their retirement and investment decisions, often because they don’t want to face the impersonal, hard-sell attitude present at many financial planning firms. However, Galen Bargerstock and Clinton Smith, co-founders of GCES, believe in a softer approach based on taking care of the clients’ needs, rather than focusing on profit.

“We don’t view every interaction as a sales opportunity, but rather as an opportunity to assist and educate individuals on their benefits and options,” Clinton says. “Our approach is centered around personalized consultations, ensuring that individuals receive the right information, understand their coverage, and have their paperwork properly filled out.”

The company began with a goal to help federal employees, but Galen and Clinton soon turned to helping their non-federal spouses, family members, and friends with their retirement plans. Now GCES is capable and well-equipped to assist anyone as they seek to optimize their retirement funds and bring their dreams to life.

All of the staff at GCES is also motivated toward the clients and their needs. Many of the team members have or are working toward earning various financial licenses to better provide what the clients need. Everyone uses great customer service, accurate information, and a professional manner to assist clients as they plan their retirements.

“I’m very proud of the team of financial and administrative professionals that Galen and I have assembled,” Clinton says. “We are proud to be a veteran-owned company, and our previous experiences have shaped our roles within the business. I bring my expertise in marketing, PR, and branding, while Galen serves as the financial expert. Drawing from our experiences in the restaurant industry, where I learned valuable lessons in team dynamics, we apply those principles within our company.”

A veteran who earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star, Galen Bargerstock had to navigate endless automated responses and constantly changing policies to get his military benefits. This fueled his passion for forming a company that is anything but a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, he set out to be a genuine resource for others looking to make the most of their benefits and capabilities.

Clinton’s dedication to talent recruitment has paid off. GCES continues to grow its team of licensed professionals who have the same passion for revolutionizing how individuals, families, business owners, and more take charge of their own retirement goals.

“In addition to our personalized services and in-house team, we have two agents working with us who cover the entire East Coast, extending our reach to nearly every state up to the Mississippi. While we primarily focus on the East Coast, we also have some presence on the West Coast, with licenses in 39 states overall,” Clinton Smith says. “I don’t know anybody who can do what the two of us do. I think that’s why we do so well in this industry.”

Since 2010, Galen Bargerstock, Clinton Smith, and their team have offered professional retirement services to a variety of people throughout the country. GCES uses a client-first approach to get to know what the clients’ wants and needs will be in retirement, and then the entire team works to help the clients create a plan to meet those goals.

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