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Coach Latasha Brooks on Helping Small and Large Businesses Achieve Their Corporate Dreams

The primary goal of every business enterprise is to grow and make more profit. However, statistics show that one of the best ways to achieve success in the corporate world is by working alongside coaches and consultants to help avoid common bottlenecks and achieve your goals faster. To help these businesses achieve their goal and scale faster in the corporate world, Coach Latasha Brooks uses her God-given wisdom and experience to support small and large companies in ushering in exponential organizational growth.

Hailing from Jacksonville, Coach Latasha Brooks is a highly sought-after serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, training facilitator, charismatic speaker, and business development consultant passionate about the clients and projects she oversees. As a professional coach and business consultant, Latasha helps small and large companies usher in exponential organizational growth by providing them with the necessary tools to help them achieve their corporate goals in record time. “Our journey with you is not a job; it’s an experience we love and are deeply invested in to ensure you achieve your financial goals with confidence.”

She established her coaching agency, Coach Brooks Business Consulting, where she provides holistic training on building a corporate credit score, securing government contracts and executing them effortlessly. Through the agency, Latasha and her team of professionals offer Net 30 accounts to help business owners improve their lives and business credit by providing them with what they need. 

“At Coach Brooks Business Consulting, we work and live by these timeless values. Our systems are simple and accessible at all times, making the interpretation and understanding of your credit standing as plain as day. We take great effort in breaking down your credit report and recommendations into bit-size statements that are clear and concise for basic interpretation,” she says.

A woman of many talents, Latasha is very passionate about using her voice to educate, transform, and impact others. Her passion for teaching and the use of honesty and transparency has created a unique platform that allows her to be effective.

In the coming years, Coach Latasha has big plans for the future. In an interview, she shared, “Well, I’m excited about the growth of my company. In the next five years, I’d like to be seen as the go-to business leader with deep expertise in the business world, and I know that’s something that I’ll have an opportunity to do here. I’m also really excited to transition from booked and busy to paid to free fully. I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing business leaders, and so there is so much potential growth in my industry and that is something I’m excited about.”To learn more about Latasha Brooks and her work, please visit her website.

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