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Coach Mallory McGary Helps Mothers in Finding Their Identity

Motherhood is often depicted in movies as something beautiful and fulfilling. And while being a mother is lovely, sometimes women may not always feel like their best when stepping into their new role as a parent. Women are often the primary carers of their children, which can sometimes feel overwhelming. Knowing that many mothers feel this way, Mallory McGary of Beautifully Blooming has created programs for those who need a little mindset assistance as they begin their journey of motherhood. 

Mallory McGary is a mindset coach, focusing specifically on mothers who are feeling a little lost in their present circumstances. “Motherhood is this incredibly complex and ever-changing journey. And I get it, I am a mother, and I have felt all the emotions on the spectrum,” Mallory shared, “In becoming mothers, we sometimes lose sight of who we are. This is why having the right mindset is so important. And that’s where I and my coaching programs at Beautifully Blooming come in.”

At Beautifully Blooming, Mallory McGary attempts to turn “Mama Guilt” into “Mama Empowerment.” This mindset coach does this by encouraging mothers to show up exactly as they are. She fosters an environment that allows mothers to explore their passions, experience freedom and happiness, and feel more fulfillment in their womanhood. Mallory explained, “Most mothers feel a lot of guilt. We feel like we aren’t doing enough, or we’re not good enough. Or sometimes we get so caught up in being a mother that we lose sight of our true selves, which can leave us craving for more out of our life.”

Beautifully Blooming gives mothers a space to join a supportive community. Women can come together and feel seen in this space because of their shared experiences. Everyone in this community can share their tips and tricks with other mothers, helping each other become better people. “I am a mindset coach and a mama,” explained Mallory, “And I have the honor of working with other mamas and teaching them to shed their expectations and step into their authentic identity as a mother and woman using the power of mindset.”

Self-care is vital for everyone, but especially for mothers who are tasked with caring for their little ones. Mallory McGary said, “By taking care of ourselves and showing up for ourselves, we can give our best to our families.” In encouraging women to look at life from a different perspective, Mallory helps women grow and become better versions of themselves. “We do it for ourselves, but our families can benefit from our growth too,” Mallory said.

The coaching programs available at Beautifully Blooming help women find their true selves again. Mallory McGary encourages her clients to stop comparing themselves to others and accept where they are and who they are. As a mindset coach, Mallory also gives women the tools they need to live without the feeling of guilt for doing something that can improve their lives. “I help mothers step into their passions while still showing up for all aspects of their lives,” Mallory shared, “With my support, women can create their definition of motherhood and womanhood and step authentically into their Momdentity.”Mallory McGary is a mother, mindset coach, and the founder and CEO of Beautifully Blooming. Her coaching programs support mothers in their journey of self-rediscovery as they experience what it means to be a mother and a woman. To learn more, visit the Beautifully Blooming website.

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