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Comedian Lokmane Dz Travels 8,000 Miles to Achieve His American Dreams

In the heart of New York City’s hustle and bustle, between the crowds and under the massive Times Square’s brilliant lights, Lokmane Issad, fondly referred to as Lokmane Dz, put on the greatest hurly-burly circus in the world. 

Lokmane Dz is an Algerian artist, actor, comedian, meme, acrobat, athlete, motivator, and social media content creator whose inspiring journey started in his motherland, Algeria. Back in the warm Mediterranean climate of Algeria, Lokmane Dz discovered that his God’s given talent is acting and owning the ability to entertain the crowds easily. So he started the clowning art and entertained people in clubs, children’s parties, and hospitals. This was only the beginning for him as he worked his way up to become one of the country’s professional clowns, having a place only on the most extraordinary events and opportunities. However, despite his apparent success, Lokmane Dz felt stunted by the non-supportive environment of his art. 

Instead of complaining, he set his goal higher and worked towards them. He wanted to show the whole world his unique talents and energy in such a place where his art is worthier, and to do this, he headed to the land of opportunities, the land of dreams, America. At the American consulate in Algeria where he applied for his visa, this inspiring individual only had his bag of passion, some pictures of his shows, and pictures of him with some Algerian well-known public figures and ministers. This radiating passion for his art led the meeting supervisor to grant him the American green light.

On his arrival in the US, Lokmane Dz was entirely overwhelmed by the cultural differences. The language barrier was a huge problem, but thankfully, he quickly studied and learned the language and even acquired a native accent. In the first few months, he worked as the right hand of a kid’s taekwondo trainer. Then on his first touristic journey to Times Square, he was utterly amazed by the performance of the street artists who inspired him a lot to take a square and start entertaining people over there and share his several talents. 

From that moment of epiphany till now, this talented man keeps on drawing the smile on thousands of people’s faces who come from all over the world either to see his well-known boisterous parade in Times Square or to save a ticket and watch his professional shows on one of the biggest circus stages and clubs in America.

Far away from his hurly-burly shows, Lokmane is a bodybuilder who established his name on the world’s best bodybuilders competition to win the American AFBB pro and be the first Algerian to clinch the spot. He is also a content creator on all social media platforms and a motivator for almost 2 million followers on the global internet. In addition, he shares many self-motivation stories and tips and inspires youths to believe in themselves daily. This unstoppable goals catcher is working on the next step is to join Hollywood’s team and explore his multiple talents.

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