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Building a Better Security Industry: The Vision of Concept Security & Investigations, Inc.

Concept Security & Investigations
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When considering security officers, one might imagine someone stationed at a building entrance or patrolling a shopping mall. However, the security industry is much more intricate than typical, demanding skilled experts to ensure people and property are safe. .

One such expert is Gregory J. Myers, the founder of Concept Security & Investigations, Inc. Myers is driven by his desire to help people, which inspired him to pursue a career in the security industry. Although he possessed a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Planning that qualified him for higher positions, Gregory started as a security officer. He recognized that working on the front lines of security offered him a unique perspective and the ability to make a significant impact.

Through years of experience, Gregory worked his way up the ladder, ultimately becoming an assistant branch manager overseeing a team of 250 security officers. His expertise and knowledge were invaluable, and he saw the potential to enhance the industry. This led him to establish Concept Security & Investigations, Inc., a company that blends the best practices of small and large security firms.

However, Gregory’s ambitions continued. He continuously seeks to improve himself and his company, constantly thirsting for knowledge. He has obtained various certifications in the security industry and belongs to multiple professional security associations. He recognizes the importance of keeping up-to-date on new trends and technology to provide the best service possible to clients.

His drive to be the best in the industry sets him apart, even if it means taking a challenging path to achieving his objectives. Instead of becoming a manager immediately after college, he opted to gain a strong foundation in the security industry. Myers learned from his errors and transformed his weaknesses into strengths, ultimately becoming one of the top managers in a leading national company.

Gregory’s narrative inspires those contemplating a career in the security industry. It’s not merely about guarding or patrolling; it’s about possessing expertise and proficiency, continually learning and developing, and striving to be the best. Joining professional organizations, exchanging knowledge, and supporting one another are critical to success.

Furthermore, it’s vital to remember that security officers represent their company and themselves. They are the face of the industry, and it’s their responsibility to maintain a professional image. Regrettably, some executives tarnish the security industry’s image by failing to train their personnel adequately. Myers understands this issue and is committed to providing his security officers with the best possible training and support.

In conclusion, the security industry is more intricate than meets the eye, requiring knowledgeable and skilled professionals such as Gregory J. Myers to ensure people and properties safety. Gregory’s story inspires anyone considering a career in the industry. We should all strive for his commitment to continuous learning and development. Together, let’s build a more robust and professional security industry.

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