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Cooli Highh on Pursuing His Dream to Be a Rapper Despite Traumatic Childhood Experience

A person’s trauma can come in many different forms, and most people deal with it as early as childhood, after going through life-altering and hurtful experiences. Some carry their trauma for a lifetime, while others figure out a way to overcome them as they age. Rapper Cooli Highh is one of several individuals who dealt with extreme violence as a young child, but despite the horror of it all, he decided that it should not define the man that he would become in the future. Instead, he chose to rise above his near-death experience and become a phenomenal music artist who will inspire this generation. 

Born Samuel Thomas Jones Jr., Cooli Highh was kidnapped when he was only an innocent three-year-old. He was burned alive and left for dead, but he was designed for a destiny bigger than his assailant’s plan, and he survived with sheer courage and a strong fighting spirit. Cooli Highh lives through life, bearing the scars of that unfortunate incident, but they also serve as a constant reminder that he is fated to achieve great things, that no matter what life brings him, he is more than able to survive it. 

Today, Cooli Highh is who he is because of who he decided he would become, a passionate music artist who values life, hard work, and making meaningful memories. As he works on making a name for himself in the music industry, he is putting himself out there and creating songs that inspire so that others will see him not just as a survivor but also a gifted rapper and songwriter who has what it takes to become successful in the industry. 

Cooli Highh has done collaborations with some of the music industry’s most exciting personalities, including 21 Savage, Young Dolph, Big K.R.L.T., Project Pat, Devin the Dude, Rockie Fresh, Maino, and Smoke D.Z.A., to name a few. By making lasting professional relationships with fellow artists and songwriters, he is slowly becoming one of the best music artists to have come from San Diego, California, and Arkadelphia, Arkansas, two special places he calls home. 

Throughout the course of his music career, Cooli Highh has released several well-produced albums such as #StartheGame in 2019, 9hrs Vol.1, and GoodVibesCorp in 2020, and Melanin Cooli this 2021. This year, he also released several singles, including “For the Game,” “Thank God,” and “San Diego Days Chopped.” Keeping himself productive since the pandemic happened in 2020 has helped him stay positive about his craft. It also allowed him to connect with old friends from the music industry to help out in producing his music. 

This 2021 will prove to be another exciting year for Cooli Highh as he prepares to release several projects he worked on with other big names in the music industry. Very soon, he will be releasing albums that will be giving a new meaning to trap music, starting with the launching of The Return of Cooli High (Trap Tape Vol.1), the release of the singleA Fresh High” with Rockie Fresh, and another album that will be volume two of his trap tape. 

As an independent artist who continues to work passionately on his music, Cooli Highh aspires to one day become an award-winning rapper who will motivate aspiring artists to pursue their dreams harder. He also looks forward to trying out the opportunities, such as creating soundtracks for movies, voice acting, and songwriting events on Twitch to connect with his fans. The future is looking bright for this rising rapper, and he is ready to make a difference in the world through his music. Follow Cooli Highh on Instagram for updates on his latest projects. Check him out on Spotify to access his music.

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