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Cosmic Eye, Hollywood’s Go-To Iris Photography Studio

An innumerable combination of factors can serve as the drive behind the establishment of a venture. Some are launched in line with their founders’ vision and goal to secure a financially stable future, while others are created to advance a cause and make a difference. In the case of Cosmic Eye, a rising iris photography studio based right at the heart of Hollywood, the desire to birth art out of the beautiful landscape of the human eye has fueled its efforts from the get-go. Equipped with the overarching mission to allow people the opportunity to appreciate their unique orbs, this promising business venture is currently going all-out to satisfy every customer’s needs. 

The brainchild of a go-getter whose appreciation for the human eye runs deep, Cosmic Eye is emerging as the go-to studio for Hollywood natives and tourists who wish to have photos of their irises captured. “All eyes are different and uniquely beautiful,” said the owner of this on-the-rise photography studio. “Photos with them are spectacular and make you think of cosmos and nature.”

Highly cognizant of the growing number of people who have learned about the appeal of iris photography and in response to the demand for studios dedicated to capturing the human iris, Comic Eye’s CEO made the bold move to enter an industry known for its cut-throat and saturated nature. Yet, despite the challenges inherent in the world of business and amid the odds, the studio managed to rise through the ranks shortly after its founding, an accomplishment that can be credited not only to the quality of its services but also to its awe-inspiring commitment to its overarching goal. 

“We believe that your eyes are beautiful and unique,” shared the company. “So our goal is to capture high-definition and magnificent photos of your eye, which can then be kept for personal admiration or given as a thoughtful gift.”

Strategically combining fine arts and macro photography, Cosmic Eye treats every iris as a masterpiece, going all-out in making sure every capture is of the highest resolution and quality and doing so with the customers’ comfort and ease in mind. “Taking a picture of your eye, where you have to be in person at our studio, takes only a couple of minutes,” explained the mind behind this Hollywood favorite. “After which, the retouching and editing of the raw pictures of one eye usually take only up to thirty minutes. Of course, you are welcome to stay in our studio and have a chat with our friendly staff, but if you do not want to wait, you can buy a digital-only copy of your eye, and we will email you the final version within twenty-four hours. We can also mail you the printed photo to your physical address.”

So far, Cosmic Eye has succeeded in securing a spot in the limelight, thriving in the face of all the competition. In the years to come, it hopes to reach greater heights and introduce iris photography to countless more people. 

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