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Crafting Homes, Building Legacies with Clearview Roofing & Construction, A Tale of Quality and Care

Crafting Homes, Building Legacies with Clearview Roofing & Construction, A Tale of Quality and Care
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A passion for construction and dedication to customer satisfaction have been the guiding principles of Long Island, New York’s Clearview Roofing & Construction since its inception. Chris Feniello, a managing partner of the company, is a shining example of these principles, growing up amidst a family that deeply valued home improvement and cultivated it into a lasting legacy. 

“I remember as a kid that my great aunt was building homes in Hauppauge, my cousins were in the sheetrock and drywall industry, and my mom was crafting beautiful home interiors,” shared Feniello. Raised in an environment where construction was a family tradition, Feniello adopted this passion and made it his lifelong profession, focusing on roofing and construction for over two decades. 

In collaboration with his business partner, Kevin Desmond, Feniello proudly continues this legacy as the third-generation owner of Clearview Roofing & Construction. With offices scattered across Long Island, New York, the company has gained the trust of the community since its foundation by Desmond’s father and uncle in 1961. 

“Clearview Roofing & Construction has become synonymous with quality and trust. Our company represents more than just a business; it is a beacon of excellence and dedication passed down through generations,” Feniello noted. 

Specializing in residential and commercial roofing, construction, and all-encompassing restoration services, Clearview Roofing & Construction has a versatile repertoire. From commercial TPO and EPDM flat roofing, to water mitigation, painting, sheetrock repair, flooring, trim, door and window replacement, to collaboration with insurance companies to restore homes, they do it all. They also offer expertise in repairing and replacing chimneys, siding, fencing, and deck construction. 

“We believe in providing a seamless and efficient customer experience. To achieve this, we have dedicated specialists for every trade. The person doing your painting won’t be the same one fixing your roof,” Feniello explained, emphasizing his dedication to providing a highly professional and skilled service. 

Clearview Roofing & Construction’s commitment to customer satisfaction is as essential as its craftsmanship. This commitment has been a vital ingredient to the company’s success over the past six decades. Feniello believes in maintaining transparent communication with clients, setting realistic expectations, and keeping them updated throughout the project. 

“Customer satisfaction is our top priority,” he said. “We set the bar high, not just for the quality of our work, but also for the level of communication and transparency we maintain with our clients.” 

Feniello ensures his team is up-to-date with the latest construction trends and manufacturer guidelines, sending them regularly to manufacturer trainings. He stated, “Our customers deserve the best, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure our team is trained according to manufacturer guidelines. This gives our customers access to manufacturer-backed warranties, adding an extra layer of assurance and peace of mind.” 

The proof of Clearview Roofing & Construction’s commitment to excellence is evident in their certifications and accolades. Holding an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, routinely winning the annual Angi Super Service Award, and being the highest-reviewed and highest-rated roofing contractor on the Home Advisor service, the company stands proud. 

“We refuse to leave a job with an unhappy customer. We believe that our work speaks for itself, and the positive feedback from our clients is a testament to our dedication and hard work,” Feniello proudly stated. 

Crafting Homes, Building Legacies with Clearview Roofing & Construction, A Tale of Quality and Care

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Clearview Roofing & Construction is more than a business; it’s a commitment to a craft, a legacy handed down through generations, and a promise of quality to its clients. The company encapsulates Feniello’s passion, his unwavering dedication to his customers, and an enduring testament to his family’s trailblazing spirit. As the company continues to construct and restore homes, the team remains resolute in its commitment to quality, integrity, and exceptional service – a commitment as sturdy as the buildings they construct. 

Visit their website at to find out more and explore their range of services and craftsmanship trusted by homeowners for decades. 

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