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Criss Bellini Reimagines Traditional Artworks With Fresh Eyes and Modern Thinking

Challenging the narrative behind some of the world’s most popular works, Criss Bellini produces unique creations that merge both traditional and digital art. The artist reimagines pieces as if taking on the mind of its original creators combined with a modern perspective.

Criss Bellini is an art brand based in Sweden. The artist behind the unconventional artworks takes inspiration from the forward-thinking works of Banksy. Asked what he remembers most about the artist, Criss shared his quote, “If you want to say something and have people listen then you have to wear a mask. If you want to be honest then you have to live a lie,” that struck him the most.

Determined also to leave an impact and an unparalleled expression, Criss Bellini introduces his own story into works like The Last Supper, the iconic duo Bonnie and Clyde, and the painting The Creation of Adam. It’s definitely a challenging feat to challenge society’s most celebrated works, but Criss is determined to make a stand. His work is for people who refuse to settle for mediocrity. Instead, the artist encourages his viewers to take courage in being different.

“I was tired of choosing between cheap posters and overpriced artworks, so I found a middle ground,” said Criss Bellini. “Many of us don’t like the feeling of buying something so personal that’s mass produced, so by doing my own original artwork and only offering my art in limited edition designs on my website, I can bring you unique and affordable wall art that stands out from the mass productions, while maintaining the feeling of exclusivity,” he added.

Criss Bellini exclusively offers his artworks on his website, giving clients the feeling of luxury through his limited edition pieces. “My designs are originally hand painted on canvas using acrylic and mixed media before they are professionally photographed and then printed. I also work with digital art where I’m able to mix it up with new variations and increase the quality of my artworks,” said the artist. The fact that his pieces only come in 250 copies gives them a limited museum-worthy feel.

Criss Bellini projects a unique blend of motivation and street culture, giving viewers an opportunity to see well-loved art pieces with fresh eyes. The artist does not hesitate to rewrite what has been written and provides his own meaning to modernize artworks, making them more fitted in today’s environment. 

Criss Bellini has been hailed as a crowd favorite among fashion icons, entrepreneurs, and business savvy individuals with his progressive visual art. The uniqueness of the artist’s touch matches the distinct personalities of his patrons. With every art, Criss is building a community of like-minded individuals who will genuinely make a significant change in the world. 

Criss Bellini’s determination to leave a legacy springs from his past. He grew up searching for a better life with his family as they fled from a wartorn country into a foreign land. The artist was brought up with the lack of financial wealth, later on affecting his perspective and leading him to live in anger. But one day, his passion for art eclipsed his pain, hence bringing forth a dynamic artist that breathes new life into the industry. 

Criss Bellini is an anonymous artist who wears masks to signify the masks we each wear each day. As an artist, he never explains the meaning behind his works, but he has revealed that he takes his inspiration from hip-hop culture and that he will always take inspiration from there. He has received endless reviews, and though he started making art in January 2020, he has made a million dollars in his first year.

Asked where he envisions his brand to be in the future, Criss Bellini shared that he aims to take his art beyond the United States and collaborate with big names such as Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton. Learn more about the artist on his website.

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